Who do you think the best battle pet is?


Honestly I thought it was pax for the longest time. Then I played with Icy up to S rank and was very impressed by how the card’s denial effects limited my opponents options and denied mana springs.

What do my fellow gamers think?


I would have to go with…SLO.


Either Gro or Pax for me.


Rawr, I think that he is just absolutely insane. He generates so much value and can drop the 1 mana 3/3 or the 2/5 with Celerity. Not other Rawrs though thank god.


I’d call Ooz or Gro as the strongest due to the effort it can take to deal with them.
That being said I like Pax’s art the best. Kitty!


Gro, Slo, Pax, and Ooz, are all really good, but I don’t think anyone can top the pride leader, Rawr. :wink:


I love playing Ooz, Slo, Xho, Pax, Icy.

Also Yun in the gauntlet, lol.