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Who cares about this waste of time?


I’m not sure what “first year” means in this case.
I’ve seen several ppl saying they are 13, but from the post I’ve read it’s hard for me to believe anyone is that young here. At least, it’s not that kind of 13-year-olds I would expect.
With that said, even if you’re one of those teenagers, I find it quite plausible that you could find a Discourse bot and set it up without any advanced computer knowledge. Scriptkiddies are everywhere!

But of course I was joking.


First year is the Irish equivalent to 9th grade so it is my first year of secondry school. The reason why I talk like this, being nigh perfect with my grammar and spelling it’s apart of my upbringing and me wanting to better myself.


I cant tell if you made grammatical mistakes in there on purpose or not


I didn’t notice it… I willl have to read over it till I find it.


This is one 15i hate this limit


You can hide it with < and > like this with out the space it becomes .


i havnt done introductions and look at me im mister meeseeks a well known and not really respected forum member


then look at this one


Proper grammar and spelling are important, of course, but I was talking about the way of expressing thoughts and the thoughts themselves.


Yes, I’m 13 and in 9th grade. Age doesn’t always = maturity


Not always, but quite often.
Just in case: it wasn’t intended as something offensive.


I have been told that I am quite wise bit I can’t really say anything I said is particularly wise, except my comment on “Ethics in Duelyst.”

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