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Who cares about this waste of time?


i just want to post on the forums but i have to come here and waste my time with this retarded introduction thing. who cares about this? no one reads these.


Hey! Welcome to the cult!

Please check out this thread.


You’re making a great first impression…


Some onimous power is forcing you to post here?


Damn one night and theres like 16 new things


It’s called the temptation to complain and have people listen so you can pretend someone gives a damn.


hello there 15chars


What’s with all the hate? Community is starting to fill with salty idiots and I don’t like it


Heads up to everyone here, using this word is one of my 23 triggers.


Well Albedo pretty much hates anything that doesn’t have to do with Momonga-sama so don’t hate on her too much


When it’s made that way, indeed, I don’t :wink:


…I see what you did there.:sirpenti:


like i said, these copypasta posts are becoming harder to spot. It’s actually impossible to tell a real rant from a fake one nowadays, it’s actually scary because the devs are actually listening carefully.

anyway hi :slight_smile: maybe title your thread : " I’m a vain person so I want badges on a random forum of a random game I came across, and I’ll just put this post up just to get it"


I would start my usual “welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy it here” but for some reason I don’t feel like saying that right now :confused:


Welcome, I guess?

Without any salt I just want to point out that OUR community values every person that is a part of it, this includes actually caring and reading intro posts.

You may want to soften your attitude a bit to have really great time here.


Flygon, is this literally a copy-pasted post? Do you have this exact post saved as a file just so you can whip it out every single time a new person shows up? Don’t take this as criticism, if anything I’m slightly impressed in an eye-rolling kind of way, but I’ve gotta know at this point.


You don’t have to make an introduction post if you don’t want to, it’s optional. If you like, you can just start posting. I never made an introduction topic myself, so I guess I’ve never officially been introduced. Hi, everyone. There, thank goodness that’s out of the way. I feel official now. :slight_smile:

We care. We read these. The reason you got something of a negative reaction is because you showed up displaying negativity. Be positive and you’ll find positivity. The folks on this forum are generally pretty cool.

You know, now I kind of want to make an introduction post…


I dob’t have it copy and pasted, I just greet everyone s=the same way, unless I have something else to say.


Maybe he has a bot set up?


What, do you think I could do this when I haven’t even gone through first year?!