Whips and Chains Magmar


The idea behind this deck is simple, hit yourself and your minions for profit to take the win, which explains the decks name. This uses Skorn to activate Rawr/Taygete/Twin Fang/Khymera/Eclipse. I wanted to test Quatermaster Gauj so I threw him in the deck and I only have 1 or 2 copies of Rawr/Eclipse.

So any advice or thoughts on the deck?


So, apparently Gauj doesn’t take flash damage. Or skorn damage. Or kujata damage. So I feel like this may be the only place Gauj could really shine.


But he doesn’t proc twin fang. He is a good win con in Lyonar with Aegis barrier though. Then only Chromatic Cold kills him.


I worked on some similar ideas my self.

Really cool to hear the Quarter Master does not take flash damage. I was not sure how that interaction would go, I was suspicious since Prophet of the White palm did not prevent it. I just may have to try and fit him in.


I have seen the masochist Jutsu before and that is what got me thinking, I don’t run Kinetic equilibrium although maybe I should give it a shot.


BDSMagmar. Sexy stuff :wink:


What’s your exp with khymera? It seems to me most of time I just got useless token, and the chance of getting mechazor seems really small. Personally I feel Pandora might be a better late game finisher, even tho it has no synergy.


I would not run Pandora. If you just want a strong late game card you run Eldars. As for Khymera, man I love the card. It’s not usualy worth running a play set, but the reason it’s good for this deck is because of the synergy, your pretty much gaurenteed to get instant value out of it since flash and Kujata make it spawn stuff on summon. Even if it’s just 1/1s it’s still good.


Kinetic can be good, but idk about in yours. Currently I think your a little unfocused all of the one and two ofs bother me. There are two main routes the deck can go, more vath smash using elucidators and such to really get a lot of value out of twin fang and have it be the center peice of the deck, or more how I have it set up where all the focus is in abusing our masochistic dudes, in the latter equilibrium is pretty good, in the former not as much.


This deck excites me, just like whips and chains.


I run ones and rwo ofs because I either couldn’t fit more or don’t have them. I will refine it when I get the spirit.


I have played three games with it. First thing I got was MechazOr! I am in love.