Which of these cards is in the greatest need of a rework/nerf? (August)

  • Reaper of the Nine Moons
  • Divine Bond
  • Taygete
  • Kara (The General)
  • Dioltas
  • Zen’rui
  • Holy Immolation
  • Kelaino
  • Saberspine Tiger

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Last month:
Reaper of the Nine Moons: 22%
Divine Bond: 20% (note that its mana cost is going up to 3 with Shim’zar)
Taygete: 19%
Kara (The General): 14%
Dioltas: 10%
Zen’rui: 8%
Holy Immolation: 4%
Kelaino: 2%
Saberspine Tiger: 1%
Grincher, L’Kian, and Jaxi: 0%

This month, I removed the cards that scored a 0%, as it’s unlikely that they jump up significantly, and they also seem less popular this month than they were last month.


can you see this


Yeah, I can now. Thank you for the help, Alexicon1.


The Sister Kelaino certainly also need a nerf !!!


Huh, messed up my vote, didn’t see Reaper of the Nine Moons among the options.


I’m pretty sure you can change your vote.


I asked for cards in the Discord chat. Enough people said Holy Immolation that I threw it in there. Personally, I don’t think Holy Immolation should hit face, but it’s otherwise fine (what other high-damage AoE hits face? Compare it with Aspect of the Mountains).


I vote for Kara. Her play style is extremely boring and every Kara deck is just full of neutral minions with strong OG, 3 Saberspines and couple of good spells like cryo or hailstone. It is not fun to play with or against Kara. If every Kara deck is just basically the same, she needs to change somehow.


You can change your vote by clicking “Hide Results” and voting again. :slight_smile:


If I could vote twice I would pick Kara and Kara …


Avalanche :wink:

There really aren’t many AoE spells that deal damage, but, Shadow Nova, Taygete :stuck_out_tongue:


starhorn is the one in greatest need of a rework/buff


I thought about making a poll to rank the generals from best to worst.


i think someone already did


Link it up so I can vote, then. :open_mouth:


here you go


I think Kara becomes reasonable if you take away Saberspine Tiger. Sure, she gets a ton of value from her ability, but if she didn’t have the ability to burst for 10+ out of hand then it would not be so bad (for instance, Silhouette Tracer could take you out of range of her minions for a turn or two, to list just one of many possibilities). I think that Saberspine Tiger is the top game-ending card, and a rework would change the game dramatically.

One change that I have seen that seems good is to make ‘Rush’ mean that the minion can attack (but not move) the turn it is played, and create the ability ‘Swift’ to allow a minion to move but not attack the turn it is played. So Saberspine with this ‘rush’ ability would be more reasonable.