Which of these cards is in the greatest need of a nerf/rework? (September - Shim'zar!)

  • Dioltas
  • Divine Bond
  • Kara (The General)
  • Reaper of the Nine Moons
  • Taygete
  • Zen’rui
  • Holy Immolation
  • Inquisitor Kron
  • Hailstone Prison
  • Mandrake
  • Nature’s Confluence
  • Thumping Wave
  • Abyssal Juggernaut
  • Nimbus
  • Pax
  • Falcius
  • Mirror Meld
  • Tusk Boar
  • Saberspine Tiger

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Alright! Here is this month’s poll. I wanted to give everyone a week of Shim’zar experimentation before throwing up this month’s poll. Do try to post reasons for your vote to give Counterplay Games better feedback and keep this thread up on the first page!

You can all thank Nowayitsj for Hailstone Prison being on the list. :stuck_out_tongue:

My own vote is between Pax, Falcius, and Nature’s Confluence. I still have to decide…Pax is a 6/5 in stats for 2-mana, unlike anything else in the game, and even one Obelisk drop can make it 8/5 or 6/7 in stats, which is flat-out ridiculous. Pax is the only 2-drop in the game that absolutely demands a dispel of the opponent.

Falcius is just too much value in one minion. 3/3 stats are solid, but since his +2 attack goes to a general and makes that general immune to damage, he is basically a super Primus Fist. He has all the value of an artifact, which tends to last just one turn against prepared opponents, but with stats and general invincibility as well. For 4 mana, he lets Sajj deal 8 damage to a minion and take none in return.

Nature’s Confluence presents an RNG spell that can simply win the game. Even bad pets are solid when you get 4 of them for 5 mana. In one match, my opponent gained 4x Gro, and I had no real recourse to deal with 8 mana worth of minions played on turn 2. There was no hope simply because early game RNG won the game for my opponent.

Which of these cards is in the greatest need of a nerf/rework? (October)
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I believe that most of the cards here are fine. Zenrui cannot be changed unless kelaino/fox are changed first. Zenrui is, in most cases, the only thing keeping these cards in check. That said, I believe Mirror Meld allows too many fundamentally broken things to occur, so I vote MIRROR MELD. Even putting it to 3 mana might be enough, and I’d probably settle for that for now, but if you really want to change the card, either reword Tusk Boar (not nerf, REWORK) or make it not carry over buffs.


Nimbus, could use a little health nerf and still be god tier.


Totally agree. If it was a 3/5 I would still play it for 5 Mana


To be honest Pax and Nimbus are fine as is, Falcius could use some work I guess, but I want everyone to remember that the constant complaining about Vet stuff led to Vet getting ripped to pieces by nerfs before, personally Ied say stuff like some of Vanar’s stuff and Mirror Meld take priority over Vet stuff


No write in votes for obliterate :smiling_imp: Jk I think of the cards listed nimbus is just way too overstated for 5 mana.


Behold the terrifying power of Mirror Meld!


Tusk boar is a better nerf than mirror meld, though abjudicator is probably the best way to nerf the combo.


The thing is, giving a class overpowered cards doesn’t fix a problem, it just replaces it with another one. Pax would see just as much play if it dropped one dervish instead of 2, and Nimbus would be exactly the same if it was a 3/6.


Pax is one of the most frustrating cards to go against… i already had a burning hatred for jaxi due to how annoying it is to deal with so early on, but now pax is an even MORE oppressive jaxi. If you get it turn 1 you will have board control the entire game, if you go 2nd and draw 2 your opponent may as well just concede.

  1. Mirror Meld for obvious reasons. Being able to otk on a consistent basis with 6 mana is stupid. I certainly like the burst aspect of the game and don’t think that burst should leave completely, but not that much.

  2. Reaper of the rng. Still the postboy for too much rng in this game. He needs a limit to what he can fetch.


I’m going again with rnger of the 9 rng. Not for the power of the card per se but for the awful lottery mechanic that will get worse and worse the more cards are released


will ppl lay off nimbus already. It is a slow card that does nothing the turn you play it (unless the other guy has a battle pet), and even then the obelysk that spawns does nothing the turn it is spawned. It is a win more card, a snowball, how is it more ‘op’ than a warrbeast or ironcliffe or kron in its power level? Every faction has its powerful higher drop and nimbus is vetruvians and like i said it is slow, if it is sucha issue for x deck to deal with it then teck against it with hard removal (this is not even a teck since it is good vs anything) or repulsor beast.

if anything falcius is the one vet card that is overboard but no one seams to care.


pax is honestly fine, an unanswered pax tends to equal 6 damage ignoring buffs. An unanswered crystal cloaker or windblade adept tends to equal 8 damage.
Alternatively, pax can kill 1.5 2/3’s, while crystal cloaker and windblade adept can kill 2 2/3’s.
Sorry vet finally has a solid 2-drop after being garbage tier for so long. Pax can’t even reliably grab/deny mana springs.

Falcius is really strong but sits at the ever awkward 3 mana position, and can be played around decently easily, basically just a cheaper entropic decay that comes with a body, which is nice cause entropic decay was pretty bad Imo. And yes he is really strong with sajj’s bbs, good! He finds himself on a pretty short list.

Nimbus is too strong for sure, should be a 2/5 or 2/6. That way you would need to play around zenrui. And 8 health with the ability to kill x/3’s is too much with that ability.

Idk what to do about the situation with meld tho. Something should change to be sure though.
Maybe make meld cost 1 more, maybe make tusk cost 1 more so they have to work through chakri.
Maybe make meld ignore buffs, similar situation to the last.

But I ended up voting for Kara. At least meld decks are fine tuned archetypes, and even nimbuses provide some interesting synergies. Kara is literally just a pile of neutrals and karas bbs.
Make karas bbs only work on class minions maybe?


The greatest thing in need of a rework is peoples mind tbh. It would be great if the playerbase of a game could just stop blaming their losses on cards and instead focus on their skills for once. Sure, Some cards are annoying and frustrating to play around, but most of that is subjectiv. I personally hate playing against Spellhai because i find Burn damage incredibly frustrating to play against, plus my favorite factions and playstyles tend to be lil bit weak to it. But i know that objectively spellhai isn’t op. Honestly thats what i love about Dark souls, because even though there are some ‘broken items’ (e.g. santiers in ds2, dark sword in ds3), in the end the only reason why you died was your lack of skill. This is and will never be the case for a card game, but that kind of mentality would be really helpful for everybody.


nope, a 3 health nerf would be huge


Dude that’s what they said about Portal Guardian, remember how that one ended? If anything leave Nimbus, rework Pax and maybe look at Falcius. That’s my stance on the thing.


You sir make all of the sense


Um. Yeah. I had to face 4 of the celerity pet Dex, with no board, spawned right on top of me.

Also, has anyone else noticed that Dex is missing along with Fog, Rok, Ubo, Sai, and Oni? I can’t find them anywhere in the game as a card or otherwise.

Edit: Well, I feel stupid now. Token Battle Pets

Although, I really believe tokens like these should be listed somewhere in the game for reference.


i think pax is much more important to vetruvian than nimbus, if nimbus gets nerfed to a state where it is unplayable you can just play kron, which is already prefered by some players over nimbus

but for pax, vet didnt have any good 2 drop, pax was desperatly needed