Which of these cards is in the greatest need of a nerf/rework? (December)

  • Entropic Gaze
  • Bloodrage Mask
  • Chrysalis Burst
  • Ooz
  • Concealing Shroud
  • Holy Immolation
  • Inner Focus
  • Enfeeble
  • Trinity Oath
  • Makantor Warbeast
  • Grandmaster Variax
  • Furosa
  • Kelaino
  • Tectonic Spikes
  • Plasma Storm
  • Reaper of the Nine Moons
  • Punish
  • Rancour
  • Spectral Revenant
  • Meltdown

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Everyone gets 3 votes.
With the release of this month’s expansion, I think it’s clear to everyone that we got some huge power creep. Many of the cards from last month’s list aren’t even relevant in the meta anymore because there are so many stronger options now. I am well aware that there are more cards people would like to see on this list, but the poll is limited to 20 options - feel free to drop a card’s name and I will try to put it in next month if there’s room due to something on this list becoming irrelevant.

Link to last month’s poll for easy comparisons:


Grandmaster Variax - I don’t have a problem with this card played on-curve, but with Darkfire Sacrifice it places too much of an undue restriction on deck construction. If you aren’t aggro, it’s virtually an auto-win when they ramp this out. It may not be OP, but it’s bad for diversity. They can nerf this or Darkfire Sacrifice. Either works.

Trinity Oath - This card is just a bad idea with all the cheap high-power-density cards in Lyonar, SLO being the worst offender.

Punish - I love this card in Cassyva, but this being undercosted makes so many playable cards bad, it’s not even funny, but I have to vote for Concealing Shroud instead. =S


I don’t agree with everything a 100%, but you’re pretty correct in most your assertions. Just feels weird you’re ignoring the cards Aggro Magmar got though, primarily Entropic Gaze; that card is ridiculously overtunned, R.I.P Phoenix Fire


Entropic Gaze is too much value for 2 mana.
You get to proc all the various draw effects Magmar has in addition to drawing a card yourself. To make it 10x worse, you also get to deal 4 damage to the enemy general. This is in the faction with the most rush minions AND a 3 mana +5 attack buff.

Magmar’s out of hand damage and board control is honestly more oppressive than Songhai. Atleast Songhai needs to build combo pieces and suffers from a lack of board presence.


Entropic Gaze: it deals 4 damage to face, cycles and drawing cards for the opponent isn’t even that much of an disadvantage because Magmar has so many ways of making you overdraw. Not only that, but with Rush minions and buffs Magmar has a relatively high minimum safe health threshold, and this card makes it easier to reach the point when every turn is a gamble to avoid out-of-hand lethal damage.

Punish: The Abyssian Hosts already have unparaleled late-game potential, and with this card it became harder to try to seize tempo in the early or midgame with strong or value-generating minions.

Spectral Revenant: I am not even sure if it is OP or balanced, but it is rage inducing and unfun to face. It is a large body that deals instant and inevitable damage to face and probably removes one of your minions, and has a high chance to deal EVEN MORE face damage as you remove it. :angry:


Entropic Gaze is mental. At 2 mana = 2 cards (1 for each) and 2 damage to the enemy, it would be okay.
I would hate them see increasing the cost, so I’d prefer to lessen the damage to 2, then a Mystic can repair the damage, and you drew a free card.

Trinity Oath is the best card draw in the game. I think it obsoletes Solarius and neutral spelldraw and is just really really really good. Too good, I’d say. Here I can see them increasing the cost to 5 mana.


Rancour: Too much damage potential for a 2 drop
Entropic Gaze: Too much damage potential for a 2 drop. It’s a burn spell that replaces itself.
Holy Immolation: This capitalizes on Lyonar’s overabundance of good low drops and saber spine tiger to deal stupid amounts of damage.

(dis)honorable mentions:
Variax: Only broken if ramped out with Darkfire Sacrifice. I predict that she will fill the same role that Nimbus and Silithar Elder does.
Concealing Shroud: This is a dead draw when drawn early on
Keliano: The game needs more control cards. This is only overpowered since other classes cannot heal too well
Trinity Oath: Right now, Lyonar has few ways to really exploit this. It’s just an undercosted, overpowered card, not anything too broken (for now).

Options I do not understand:
Meltdown, Ooz, Furosa, Plasma Storm

Bias counter:
Lyonar: 2
Songhai: 2
Vetruvian: 0 (Feelsvetman)
Abyssian: 7
Magmar: 6
Vanar: 2
Neutral: 1


Imo so far the only thing ive ran into that stopped me dead in my tracks is a ramped out variax im enjoying my game and bam…im sitting at my computer with this dumbfounded look on my face my girl is like whats wrong im just like i lost shes like its only turn 2 im like exactly…so yeah ramp + variax is so unhealthy…feel free to disagree but that feeling of helplessness is no joke buddys.


Totally agree with the Variax points. I think something needs to change, but I hope it isn’t dark fire sacrifice. The card is already only used in the occasional ramping deck so I don’t think it is where the problem lies.


I totally agree dark sac is fine and so is variax it just needs to be a dying wish or start of next turn or even end of turn effect anything would be better then opening gambit even if it could be dispelled. Because once its out you have maybe 2-3 turns max before your so outvalued the dollar store looks expensive. It just sucks…


Glad to see someone else agrees on the power of Trinity Oath. I have cut my copies of Solarius or lowered down to 1X just because of this card. No other draw, besides usually 2x or 3x Sun Wisps.


As a Zir’an main, it saddens me to see Holy Immo and even Trinity Oath higher than Warbeast and Spectral Rev. I never understood why people thought Immo was OP… till tonight where I at last met a slo into immo, followed by constant tempo gains. I now respect those opinions more but wish Zir’an wasn’t punished for Argeon.

I voted for the two aforementioned rush minions and Gaze not because they were burst but because they were all high value burst that were unconditional.

edit: first post.


My votes:
Grandmaster Variax
Spectral Revenant
Reaper of the Nine Moons

Grandmaster Variax: What a ridiculous card. This is, without a doubt, the most ridiculously overpowered card in Duelyst. Why? Because it completely invalidates every single attempt at a control deck in this game. It’s a long-term card that automatically trumps every other long-term deck in the game. It kills decks like Walls Kara, Artifact Songhai, and Heal Lyonar. Compare this to the poop smear that is Excelsious, and you’ll scratch your head in wonder. Absolutely no deck in the game can deal with two 5/5s every turn for free for very long.

Wintermu7e attempted to defend Variax because it is a “late game” card, but Variax often sees play at 5 mana, which is often turn 3 in this game. A turn 3 7/7 is very powerful, but manageable. However, when the 5/5s start pouring out on turn 4, it’s not manageable, and the players who run Variax also run Cryptomancer and Wraithling Swarm, so you may see anywhere from two to five 5/5s pop out in a turn. The game is over if Variax is played early. Wintermu7e claimed this is not a frequent event, but anyone who plays knows that is clearly wrong - it’s as common as Flash Reincarnation into Sunsteel Sentinel for Magmar, which seems to happen every other game I’m in. I have my own Variax deck, and I get her out on turn 3 roughly 1/3 games. Ridiculous.

On top of this, it’s important to note that Variax is a first in Duelyst: it’s a card with absolutely no counters. There is no way to stop the swarm, there is no way to catch up. Once Variax is played, you quickly burn your resources trying to take your opponent down before you are overwhelmed, and then the game is over. Nothing else in Duelyst is remotely like this, and it’s a game-ruining card.

Spectral Revenant: It would be fine if it were just one, but at an extremely high frequency my opponents play 2 or 3 of these in a row, and it’s completely unmanageable to keep getting smacked in the face. Spectral Revenant consistently turns good games into anticlimatic ones, because one 7 mana hits you know your interesting match is just going to be Spectral Revenant spam into lethal.

Rot9M: I play this in my Lurking Fear deck. Last night I got a 13/13 Excelsious. I won, and it’s stupid.

As an aside, I’ll just take a moment to spit on the entire Magmar package. Magmar has always been a faction for people who just want to facemonkey their way to victory without thinking, but this expansion has added a set of tools that are completely unmanageable for a lot of decks. It’s not a coincidence that my ladder experience is almost entirely Abyssian and Magmar, and it’s because of ridiculous cards like these and Variax. If this is the future of Duelyst, count me out.


I say entropic gaze and Variax. The First is broken, dealing 4 damage to the general, replace itself and procs decimus/vindicator effects all for 2 mana is op. Variax is Simply undercosted because DFS exist. It should cost 8 mana if not 9.


I espected kelaino to bo on the top.

I didn’t vote Variax because as a cassy card slows down her decks which could have won before with obliterate (but i played only against 3 of them won 2 times exactly the turn they played variax (and they had lethal with obliterate) and lost one in the fourth turn mainly because of her godly draw, i had like 7 hp left against a full healt cassy with a kelaino on board, i conceded. So it’s not accurate)

I voted kelaino, mainly because of vetruvian can’t remove her without at least using 2 cards (or entropic decay if the opp position her bad, but it doesn’t appens so much). I would just low her ealth to 4. You’ll agree it’s not that unfair.

Punish it’s not a broken card, it’s just too cheap ( and with cassy the effect is 3 mana destroy a non forcefield minion and put a shadowcreep in that space, your bbs needs to recool. (Yes you need your bbs ready and blah blah blah), this isn’t the reason tho) and doesn’t allow big minion to stick on board forcing deck to play good little value minions instead of good big minions (like excelsious)

And the last is tectonic spike, this just directly counters control decks. I’m getting the feeling control decks will become just aggro-mid decks that dumps their hand quickly to draw again keeping like one or two hard answer to have board control and good tempo trades (all this by doing a lot of damage to the enemy without need to putting their general on the first line). Basically, not a control(?).

Obviously IMO


Variax cause permanent changes that leads to almost certain victory is gery very very bad mechanic wise, especially on a faction that can play it on turn 3. Maybe tie it to the minion, or if you want to make it a bit stronger make it a dispellable buff on general maybe?

Entropic gaze cuzliek too much burst. Whats happening with magmar? Looks like they have more spelldmg than songhai now, it doesnt fit the magmar theme at all imho

Rot9m cause roulette keeps being bad for the game


the numbers have spoken i hope the devs see the top 3 cards…top 2 to be fair… n just for clarification im sure we all agree cassyva variax is balanced its just the one for lilithe that we all do not like to see… if it said 2 random wraithling the buff it could be fine…just dont kill it for her i believe in balance and power at the same time just not overpowered. if there was a higher tier than legendary lilithe variax would be the only one


Variax Cassyva is probably better than Variax Lilithe. The fact people don’t run it is proof that Cassyva just has more powerful tools at her disposal already. Which I think says it all.


Yes I agree that Variax is imba and Starhorn has strong burn cards that seem to indicate that CPG can’t quite agree what card draw is actually worth, however…
Buff Vetruvian 2016 2017!

Entropic Decay could be 3 mana, seeing as Punish is 2. Decay could be 3 even if Punish was 3, imo. Divine Spark could have a little gravy on it. Maybe artifact recharge or healing? Siphon Energy could be ranged again and cost 1 mana please I’m begging you

Sand Trap and Fountain of Youth could be reworked but that’s ancient history.


They said there won’t be any card buffs, sorry.