Which of these cards is in the greatest need of a buff/rework? (November)

  • Truestrike
  • Auryn Nexus
  • Zir’an (The General)
  • Ace
  • Storm Kage
  • Artifact Defiler
  • Oserix
  • Night Fiend
  • Shadow Nova
  • Echoing Shriek
  • Lava Lance
  • Phalanxar
  • Starhorn (The General)
  • Winterblade
  • Mesmerize
  • Crystal Wisp
  • Astral Crusader
  • Hydrax
  • Mogwai

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October thread:

Which of these cards is in the greatest need of a buff/rework? (December)

Astral crusader is winning this shit by a landslide to the point that a rework is almost inevitable. Such an awesome pixel art but even replace deck archetypes can’t draw this dude again.


There are definitely cards mentioned her that are in greater need of a change that Gloomchaser, but I feel it should be mentioned on this poll; Gloomchaser has always been a very subpar 2 mana minion, now that Zyx is power creeping on it, this Abyssian 2 drop needs some help.


Is zyx really power creep, though? It’s the same total stats with even less usefulness than Gloomchaser because they can deal a whole 2 general damage as opposed to Gloomchaser’s 3. The only difference is it takes one more ping to kill a Zyx pair than a Gloomchaser pair.


It kinda is power creeping on Gloomchaser; Zyx better deals with Blistering Scorn and Bloodtear Alchemist while giving you the same stat total for 1 mana less. Imo when the primary reasons I use Gloomchaser are for the two bodies in order to contest two mana tiles early game and act as Bloodmoon Priestess fuel, if Zyx is more consistently able to give me the benefit two bodies it’s better than Gloomchaser despite it’s 2/2 main body.


None of the 30 (only a little hyperbolic) do-nothing Vetruvian cards are on here >.>. I smell a bias


Besides SnowPiercer none of the Vanar artifacts see any real play. White Asp is a cool concept but It’s rarely seen on ladder. I have literally never seen a Winterblade in my year of playing the game. I’ve also never seen an Astral crusader. Storm Kage is such a cool effect, that would encourage a more control style play in Songhai, but its too slow, and the lightnings can’t hit face.


Some of these cards are just awful, but the only one which I think needs a rework is Winterblade.

It just makes no sense from the design perspective. Why would you ever want to use an artifact, a very expensive one at that too, to stun enemy minions rather than kill them? It doesn’t even have a special kind of mechanic that makes the card work, like making it not lose durability if you stun enemies on your turn without killing them or whatever of that sort. But no, it functions like a normal, overpriced artifact. It goes against the very philosophy of artifacts.

I guess I could also argue how ranged pets go under this same “makes no sense from design perspective” category due to them moving before attacking but I’ll let it slide for now because they obviously want all pets to act the same. Even though that could easily be fixed by slightly altering the pets keyword and behavior to a mechanic where they check are they in range before attacking.

Anyway, list is heavily incomplete and I don’t see on what grounds were these specific cards chosen to be a part of it. As such it really makes the whole thing lose a lot of value. Even though I guess it never had any value in the first place and just served to emphasize some discussion for the sake of it.


Im surprised Lkian or Spelljammer isnt on this list. Those two are kinda the reason fast decks are so prevalent atm.


You shouldn’t be surprised as Lkian and Spelljammer are strong cards and this thread is dedicated to the weak ones. Also, Lkian unlike Spelljammer was never run in aggro decks.


Crusader: great art, horrible card. I think it can be fixed by introducing an Astral tribe with internal synergy, so that the same effect applies to the tribe. Other members of the tribe may have similar effects.

Shadow Nova: too big tempo loss for the effect. What if we added “your creeps deal 3 damages this turn”?

Storm Kage: awesome card, but it’s too hard to get value out of it. The spell should be able to target generals or it should be easier to get (every time it gets damage?)


Aggro decks dont, but the fact that it’s a neutral drop that refills your hand without downsides is kinda the problem. Played vs magmar and Lyonar, even vanar sometimes, primarily magmar and layonar, those factions have bad in faction card draws are able to refill their hands with Lkian, or spell jammer. The problem with that is that Lyonars have high tempo plays and minions, tempo decks are supposed to run out of steam after some time, by restricting their card draw options. If the decks can constantly pump out high tempo plays turn after turn without running out of steam it’s just plainly overtuned (Songhai).

Same with magmar, that faction has very bad card retention. The power from that faction comes from the fact that playing on curve every turn is almost a guaranteed victory. But you need to rely solely on reasonable draws. However, with Lkian, they can sometimes compensate for not on curve plays (playing multiple things per turn by burning their hand) and still be able to refill their hand with Lkian/ Spelljammer.


Why are you making a big post? I never had intention of discussing the card. I just pointed out how it’s factually incorrect how Lkian is run in aggro decks and how this thread isn’t the place for the discussion of the card as once again, it’s about weak underreprested cards rather than about strong ones.


I dont know, figured out I have to explain why I put it in because I kinda clump high tempo and aggro decks in the same “fast decks” category. As for the weaker cards needing a buff, cause I see these cards require a greater priority on reworking than the others.


What you find to be a priority doesn’t matter. Stick to the topic or go to the other thread where strong problematic cards are discussed. It’s at the top of the front page, shouldn’t be hard to find.


Starhorn needs else a total rework, or he should stop giving a card to the other player. Make it cost 2 mana, whatsoever, but I don’t want to give cards to my opponent.


I think “draw a card, takes 2 damage” would work. I know, it’s copied from Hearthstone :slight_smile: but it’s not going to be too problematic here, since BBS is not available every turn.


I honestly think his BBS is fine as it is, all he needs is actual good cards to support it. Currently, the support cards we have and the ability for starhorn to use the cards from his BBS first isn’t enough to compensate giving enemy cards as well. Same concept applies to ziran, you don’t see people complaining about how her BBS is weak. It’s not, it’s the support cards being lackluster.

Just got to wait what does CPG has in store for them in the next expansion. Shimzar helped a bit but wasn’t nearly as enough and I hope said results will give them enough incentive to not hold back as much when helping those underrepresented generals.


Winterblade IMO. It has a great lore, looks scary, belongs to a scary looking General… and has a completely negligible effect. If it also had: “Your general takes no damage from counter-attacks”, I could see it being run much more yet not getting too out of hand, as it is not like Vanar had one-(wo)man-army potential.


It’s your bias, not mine.