Which of these cards is in the greatest need of a buff/rework? (December)

  • Truestrike
  • Auryn Nexus
  • Siphon Energy
  • Ace
  • Storm Kage
  • Artifact Defiler
  • Oserix
  • Night Fiend
  • Shadow Nova
  • Echoing Shriek
  • Lava Lance
  • Phalanxar
  • Equilibrium
  • Winterblade
  • Mesmerize
  • Crystal Wisp
  • Astral Crusader
  • Hydrax
  • Mogwai

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3 votes each! Post and discuss your votes!

The list is mostly the same as last month since nothing on it has been changed, and the new expansion doesn’t have any clearly bad cards. I removed Starhorn and Zir’an since both of them have been seeing more play.

Last month’s thread:


Siphon Energy, but it’s not specifically the card, but more the faction that needs a ranged answer for 3 or less mana.

Astral Crusader because it’s the worst, such a pity of such an awesome animation.

Hydrax because I tried a deck with it once, and it is just underwhelming. Could try again I guess.

Honorable mentions:

Mesmerize (could use a small buff, like the ability to move something diagonally too)
Crystal Wisp (could give the mana core for the turn it dies in as well, if it dies during your turn)
Night Fiend (3/5 for example, still quite understatted for a 5-drop)


Siphon Energy: Vet needs ranged removal. That is all

Astral Crusader: AKA math failure. This is the only card that can be mathematically proven to be bad.

Oserix: I just want Vet to be pulled out of the gutter after, what, 4 months in there?

Honourable mentions:

Truestrike (a Sun sister buff)
Storm Kage (he counters Variax, but is just too vulnerable and reactive)
Hydrax (cool sprite, bad ability)
Mogwai (This streamer is too awesome for this current ability)
Winterblade (cool combo and lore, but the effect makes no sense)
Artifact Defiler (Almost always strictly worse than Rust Crawler)

Options I do not understand:
Crystal Wisp, Auryn Nexus

Faction distribution:
Lyonar: 2
Songhai: 3
Vetruvian: 2
Abyssian: 3
Magmar: 3
Vanar: 3
Neutral: 2


Really wish Mogwai (and Locust) procced when moved by other effects (a la Onyx Jaguar).


And windstrider then too.


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