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Which of these 2 vetruvian lists is better(golem vs obelysk) and how can i improve both of them?


Im back from the salty retirement…leaving lyonar behind and switching to vet.Ive made 2 decks from scratch based on ladder experience and some lists that ive seen…i would like to know which list you believe to be better and what to improve(all about the suggestions…the decks are too bad and 0815 to be worth a try)

To explain some things:
-I dont like aymara…cant find space for her
-cataclysmic fault is great…it punishes those who run away from the obelysks.Yet i only run 2 because its a death card once its played once
-superior mirage is a 2autoinclude for me right now…although im not certain if its worth keeping.Its great against alot cards…but it seems like most wont play those cards vs vet anyways.Whats your experience in regard to people playing around mirrage?

Once again fault is an amazing card to me
Emp is autoinclude in my opinion if playing him doesnt hurt you much…although i were unable to find the space for 3. Is it worth making space for 3 emp?
-0815 golemvet

BTW:are you also unable to see the cardpictures?(only the cardnames)


I have some very competitive fault lists over here:

Specifc lists of interest that are close yours: Golden Army: Zirix Golem/Fault, Windscar: Zirix Oblysk/Fault, Assembly Line: Sajj Golem/fault.

If your running fault you really need either Reassemble or Rae. Mirage is a great card, I like to fit two when I can, but a lot of people are playing around it now so its not as powerful as it used to be, I still try to always include at least one. Our oblysks are pretty similar, I also run only 2x fault and cant find room for Aymara for that particular list. I feel Rashas is a must have 3x due to phantasm and artifact reva. I don’t own third wish so I cant comment there, although I am a bit skeptical of it, but I have certainly lost games to it. Your golem list is a bit messy, it doesn’t have rae, and I am not as fond of your tech choices. Stars of furry is pretty important lately due to walls, azure, flying, and fault.

As for which is better, that’s a little hard to say and I think it mostly comes down to personal preference. As much as I love their concept and playstyle the rng nature of oblysks stresses me out so I heavily favor the golem list.

Yea your picture is messed up, but card names are there.


A little, but you can play around that, and the ability to ramp/play fault and rae on the same turn is just to invaluable to pass up. You dont just play rae for no reason, anytime you play him it is for a very powerful turn that even thunderhorn really isnt going to mess you up as long as your careful.


Sorry to hear Lyonar not working out for you. :slightly_frowning_face: I hope you like the Alabaster Titan archetype that came with the Unearthed Prophecies expansion. It’s a little different and refreshing to finally have a new archetype for them.

Between the two decks, Golems are definitely stronger in this meta. Wall Faie decks are running around, surrounding Obelysks to prevent spawns, as well as the typical Chromatic Cold shutting them down (though the new card Reassemble helps).

Phantasm punishes Obelysks so heavily, and Plasma Storm does more to Obelysk decks than Golems. Dispel is just more common nowadays too. EMP in particular has seen a lot more play, so it would shut down every Obelysk played. Even Vetruvian, thanks to Superior Mirage, punishes Obelysk decks if you use Dunecaster on a wind dervish.

Obelysk decks are still strong, but there’s a lot working against them right now. I feel that Golems are a safer choice for today’s metagame. They’re not as fast as Obelysk decks, but they can play a long game if necessary.

In case you haven’t heard, Golem/Flying hybrid lists are now growing in popularity. Their draw is insane, and the flying combo (Azure Summoning + 3 Skywing + 3 Dragonlark and possibly 1 Nosh-Rak) fits cozily into the Golem shell. I would argue it to be the strongest Vetruvian archetype if not the strongest deck in the game right now.

I know, all this chatter to help you choose between 2 decks. :stuck_out_tongue: But I would say Golems are stronger. Remember, rocks…rock! (cringes internally)


Feralu seems kinda useless…his impact without vault is minimal and hes super ez to answer…
If you get vault off and can play him than you most likely won anyways
I cant understand whats the point of him…replaced him with the 1/4 flyingoglem for now
You certainly have more experience…so it would be kind to explain me how to use him correctly


Feralu+stars ends games or answers flying vet. Feralu+rasha, Zirix Bbs, fault, or any golem is also a ton of value. He pumps things out of plasma range while naturally being outside of it himself. If your opponent wastes a turn answering him that’s a good thing. He is a pretty big meta pick that naturally brings the deck together. If you skip him your just better off with playing Sajj at that point.


Thanks for the explanation


I think Obelysk Vet is overall stronger than pure golem builds but it can get screwed against Phantasm and Aggro Cass is all over the place right now so i don’t know if it’s the best meta choice. In any case, 3 x Rasha is a must.

If you want to take the Golem route i would add in the flying combo, makes the deck alot more threatening and you have enough deck space for it without losing anything of essence on the Golem end. Just cut the not so good cards like Aymara, Windshriker etc and add in the flying combo pieces.

Don’t really like reassemble personally because it can be very situational/dead card in hand. I would pick Whispers over it pretty much every day and running both gives you too many cards that rely on having an obelysk on board to do anything.


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