Which general would win if they can only play artifacts?


As the title says, you can only play artfacts. There are 2 versions of this, bbs allowed and bbs not allowed. What do oyu guys think? Lilithe with an army of wraithlings into Grimwar, Argeon with 3 regalias, Sajj blasting away from the distance, etc.


Without BBS: lyonar, with regalia and that 6 mana artifact that self repairs. With BBS: Reva, since the heart seekers can build up to ping off wraithlings and other artifacts, she also has a ranged artifact(doesn’t lose durability), and that 1 mana mask for even more pinging action with BBS.


So BBS only no spells allowed?


Both. In each situation, who?


This thread is pointless, but Magmar would win with or without BBS


what could magmar do against a stocked up argeon with regalias?
Or against an army of wraithlings?


Vetruvian can do 28 out of hand damage using 2x staff + 2x aurora tears + time maelstrom.

I don’t think any faction can compare to this artifact combo burst without pre existing conditions. If there is, magmar wins hands down with twin fangs + dance of dreams combo.


Only artifacts allowed, no other cards. So no aurora tears, time maelstrom, dance of dreams etc


That is boring. Probably Magmar would win however, with Vet and Songhai competing for second place.


For the magmar vs lyonar matchup:
If the deck size is still 40 (artifacts + cards they can’t play), I believe Lyonar has the advantage. Magmar can’t do much against Lyonar’s invincibility without consistently drawing into their own artifacts. Meanwhile, Lyonar needs just one regalia. It gets a lot of value if the enemy doesn’t have any minions or spells to do extra ping damage.

However, if the deck is composed of only artifacts, Magmar will be able to draw into his artifacts much more consistently, and durability of artifacts is no longer as important (game is decided before it becomes relevant. also can only equip 3 at a time), so Magmar would likely win. Note that adamantine claws is equivalent to regalia in this case.


Generals whose BBS still have an effect with no minions: Zirix, Lilithe, Reva, Faie, Vaath and Starhorn (who, as usual, doesn’t do much).

Artifacts that still have full effect without minions/spells:

Arclyte, Sunstone Bracers, Dawn
Twin Fang, Claws (Morin Khur to some extent)
Snowpiercer (Lightning Asp to some extent)
Ankh, Staff of Ykir (Hexblade and Spinecleaver to some extent)
Cyclone (Spear to some extent)
Pretty much all the Abyssian artifacts except Ghost Azalea

Honestly, I think the ability to negate and regen durability hits in Lyonar is the true king of this battle even without their BBS, with Abyssian’s multiple wraithling procs destroying every other squad. Then Vanar, Vet and Magmar would counter Abyssian with their aoe damage. The lack of space and effects to run away with would likely doom long distance strats like Songhai and Vetruvian’s. Overall, it would likely be a matter of counters with Lyonar dominating everything except certain matchups.


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