Which faction to do you enjoy fighting the most?


Rather than yet another topic about our favorite factions (though those are fun as well) I’d like to know which factions you particularily enjoy plaiying against and why.

In my case, I enjoy playing against all the factions, but I especially enjoy playing against Vanar, Vetruvian, Magmar and Songhai. Magmar and Songhai because they really keep you on your toes with intense matches and, Magmar usually geting up-close and personal with big, impressive creatures that can be downright intimidating while Songhai’s aggression is less direct and more sneaky. And Vanar and Vetruvian because I have the most experience with them and (I like to think) I understand them the best. Both are very strategic and can control the battlefield to some degree, which can lead to some very intriguing situations. Lyonar and Abyssian are still plenty of fun to play and play against, but having to fight through an army of wraithlings or loads of provoking minions can get mildly annoying at times ^^’


Vetruvian, bc Plasma Storm value :heart_eyes:


mirror abyssian. my creep is better than your creep.


Vanar because it’s so easy


against Songhai, because if you play Vetruvian right, Songhai doesn’t get to run around with their shenanigans.


I enjoy swarm mirrors because you’re both trying to control how many minions are on the board and are carefully setting things up so that when the apocalypse happens it’s the other guy that dies. Even if you fall behind on board you can win with good positioning.

But a mirror match is not really a fair answer to the question, IMO.

I think I will go with non-baconator Songhai, ironically. They don’t have a lot of dispel so in order to prevent my healing-focused game plan they need to spend removal that would otherwise go to my face, and I have a decent supply of pings and answers to prevent too many bloodrage mask/four winds shenanigans. So it feels like we have an interactive game because I force them to really deal with my stuff.


call me crazy, but I love the songhai mirror match. so many spell shenanigans, so many tusk boars :heart_eyes:


I think i enjoy playing specially againts Vet, both generals. I always feel like i have to mesure my positiong and resources very carefully: they either fill the board or over control it in different ways.
I also like to play againts Faie. Games feel like you are constantly running out of time while she puts minions on the board.


especial mention

Smash Vaath vs. Smash Vaath

Just big reptile creatures fighting each other to the death with no weapons but mere muscles :smiley:


Cassvya, because seeing creep build up and trying to deal with it is pretty fun. Also, her BBS is super slick.


From what I’ve played against, Vetruvian decks have had the least cheesy tactics so far, there’s no nonsense like “Kill all your enemies and heal all your allies” or “Do 8 damage just because” or “Gain 1000 attack and summon 8 minions in one turn that all have forcefield and revive, and then heal while you’re at it” lol


Everything but Vanar (and occasionally Magmar). Faie is hot cheese, and Kara is just plain busted when piloted well. Control Vet mirrors are fun because of how much interplay there is over the Dominate Will threat. Most flavors of Abyssian have lots of ins and outs- and playing against a strong Abyss player is always white-knuckle. Argeon and Songhai are fun too, but t3 losses never feel good. Sometimes brawling with Magmar is fun… Sometimes they play early Sunsteels, Thumping Waves, Kron, and then start dropping Warbeasts and Elucidators nonstop- which no other faction really has the tools to fight.


Uhmmm… Abyssian becauseits a fair fight between Lyonar and Abyssian (Dem please stop teleporting my ironcliffe golem away)

I hate playing with Kara (Dat tiger with large stats >.>)