Which faction is the best for a greedy high-cost minion deck?


I have just looked through my collection, and found a lot of big cards I have never used(Dank Memesis, Grailmaster, Zurael, Khymera, Scientist .etc). I feel like trying them out, and the best deck archetypes to fit in these cost-heavy cards are either control or ramp.

which factions are the best for building a control or ramp deck? Or is it that all factions other than Songhaiz are suitable for building a control deck?

Feel free to dump your decklist here if you have one. I’d like to take references from the others. Thanks in advance!


Both Magmar and Lyonar can afford playing a really high curve decks. I guess Abyssian can do the same but I’m not sure how viable it is compared to those two.

You don’t have to play high curve decks in order to try out those cards though. Nemesis can be played in midrange vanar. Grailmaster in swarm. Kyhmera in midrange/control magmar. Scientist in midrange lyonar and arguably songhai. And you can probably put Zurael wherever as a one of.


Magmar or Abyssinian.I would lean towards Magmar because you said Kyhmera. Zureal and Dark Nemesis are slightly useable in Magmar as well.

Now the fair warning as Greedy control player who has 3 ofs most of cards in game.The game is too fast for that style of deck and has far too much hard removal. Even with the best set up 3 flash reincarnation and 3 Kujuta getting out those minions doesn’t happen as often as you think it would


My theory is that keeper lyonar is the best for that at the moment. If you go abyssian/magmar and you ramp hard into a big threat these days people tend to just remove it or silence it. There’s a lot of entropic decay, hailstone prisons, and onyx bear seals running around everywhere, and only the god hand with slithar elder can deal with that kind of thing. It’s better to simply have a bunch of provokes/midrange minions like kron that draw fire and so pave the way for your pandoras/nemesises/whatever else. And if dropping krons and ironcliffs on them doesn’t work then Lyonar also has aegis barrier. Lyonar also has pretty good access to healing and since you’re the slower deck you can run 3x martyrdom and maybe even emerald rejuvenator with basically no downsides.

That’s my theory, anyway. Haven’t done a lot of testing or anything like that.


you can do what i did and make a deck similar to black/green reanimation in magic. the idea is to play magmar and flash out big threats early then get them back with zurael and keeper of the value. it’s super fun