Which faction has the best waifus?


inspired by this post Hello, new lurker here! Vetruvian for Life, Sajj for Wife! :slight_smile::
I just had to make a poll on which faction has the best waifus. Yes that’s right waifus (gonna make myself a harem sammich with all deez waifus). All waifus welcome, a non-waifu discriminatory policy must be adhered to at all times.

  • Lyonar
  • Abyssian
  • Songhai
  • Vetruvian
  • Magmar
  • Vanar
  • Neutral

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Dis gunna be gud

Who would YOUR duelyst waifu be?

If quantity>quality, then go for abyssian. Literally all female.


Vetruvian has the best waifus! There is no denying the hotness of pyromancer or Incinera!


Aymara would like a word with you.


spec rev is a waifu?? well, i must admit she cant keep her claws off the enemy general.


Is a state of mind:

Sry guys im learning gimp :grin:


Those are for getting a good grip on your serpenti, if you get my drift.


OP, are you really wanna do this? Do you really want to start The Great Holy Waifu War on this forum??

That said, everyone has the best waifu according to himself. It doesn’t matter if you like creepy Klarion (Sadako) :scream:, the cool and possessive Embla :mask:, or the ambigously sexy (male/female?) Rancour :fearful:
Each person deserved their own waifu! No need to fight over this :smile:

Of course at the end of the day, screw all other waifu! :heart:Sajj:heart: is still the best Waifu! :kissing_closed_eyes:


Crystal wisp is best waifu



Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

actually i don’t really have one (zirix’s lips are hot tho)


Though Vet is my favorite faction, best waifus clearly goes to Vanar. Faie’s a spicy redhead wolfraven trapped in a human’s body if you’re unfortunate enough to be into that kind of thing. Kara is an absolute beefcake (and royalty to boot.) Maia is a norse goddess, Hearth-Sisters are all very devoted- and if you’re a special kind of deranged, there’s dear sweet Crystal Wisp, chronically voted best waifu. Does anyone else think Huldra is cute as hell?


I love them all.

But my waifu would be…



is starhorn your side-waifu?




you seriously dont know?


Well, he wouldn’t be my waifu in the litteral term but he’ll always be my favourite general <3


Lilithe is so passionate tho? Nightsorrow Assassins are surprisingly kind, and Klaxon has the greatest date ideas.

Variax would treat me right


Thiccbyssian for laifu, Lili for waifu <3


So uh, I’m under the impression that the Abyssian Incubi/Succubi are the best of both worlds, if you catch my meaning. Not knocking it, just saying there’s a certain likelyhood of them being agendered or hermaphrodites of whatever species they belong to, but their androgyny is a tool to manipulate humans. Will be supremely amused to see how that effects the community if it ends up being a thing.

But talkin’ about thicc… Have you seen Kara’s arms? Bet she’s a mean cuddler. :smiley:


Alternatively, Kara’s armor is a powered suit and, similar to 40k marines, she is actually a normal-size person in enormously thick armor :thinking: