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Which Duelyst faction would you belong to and why?


Your profile picture suggests you’re a woodlouse.


He is a rift scutler


I’d be Magmar bc I like self harm combos, big things, rushy things and grow things. That and green is my favorite color.


Never knew you were a masochist. :wink:


Maehv is self harm. Have you seen the way her whip arcs.

I wish autocorrect would stop correcting maehv to marybeth




Maybe not that far, but I like the concept of sacrificing something (in this case health) in order to gain strong effects like attack or burst damage. You can’t get gains without any pain~

Also Catalyst Quillbeast is my favorite card (and why Catalyst is my favorite word).


Marybeth Slimshoulder in the 4kids dub.

Join her and her friends Arnold Highguy and Kenneth Ninja as they have contests to win power apples from the tree of Alabama.


I just got back from camping in the desert for a week, so I guess that makes me Vetruvian.

Come to me my dervishes and attack!!! :smiling_imp:


World-view wise, I like Abyssian a lot. They are a nation quite literally made by the broken pieces of other nations. However they did not let their past, savage nature’s determine their future and forged their own legacy by joining the attack against Draug. Furthermore, according to my “tree is evil” theory a few years ago, the Abyssian are working against the tree to save Mythron.

This type of “don’t let appearance/history determine our destiny” mentality, and the fact that they may be righteous, despite seeming evil makes me choose Abyssian.

Magmar and Vetruvian also have their appeal. My majors line up with them pretty well, (evolutionary biology and astrophysics respectively)

If I were a unit, I would probably be cloudcaller. I live in the frozen lands of Canada, my hair/skin complexion looks kinda like them (I also wear parkas), and I call clouds in atmosphere simulations for my part time research position.


because I can never get a gf =(


its a blessing and a curse
immortality at the cost of never getting laid


Woodlouse sounds

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