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Which Duelyst faction would you belong to and why?


monkeyS monkeyOMEGA


I am somewhere between Magmar and Vanar.

Calm, likes to be alone but can work better in the pack, I like the way both treat nature, both factions can be chaotic and have their own concept of law without being too egoistic.

In magic I would align with blue/green. My favourite decks even work in blue/green/ black. Only sometimes I pretend to be Lyonar/ white. Look at my avatar. Its a hommage of Puresteel Paladin who can be part of a gamewinning combo in magic where you draw your deck on as early as turn 1 and then do at least trice as much damage as your opponent has life. (Which is not white at all… but a hidden red component… lol)


I should join the Vetruvian faction because i love the ancient ruines and monuments which emanate of magic and secrets! But i should join abyssian too because the black magic and deamonic world are two things that i want to make/see :wink:


Well you say that, but which faction of the Vanar do you speak of? On one hand there’s the band of animals/non-humanoids(?) who’re ruled by Faie who’s basically an eco-terrorist, and on the other there’s Kara who (with all her good intentions) supports a people who’re in conflict between upholding tradition or seeking greener pastures elsewhere.

Both seem interesting though not without their respective caveats.

This thread is a wonderful excuse chance to re-explore the in-game lore. Thank you @excogitator


Abyssian, cause im edgy af :upside_down_face:


I forget which it actually was because I don’t know if that chapter was available before or after beta.

In other news; nobody actually gives a valid explanation for Abyssian, do you truly agree with their ideals.


I think Abyssians, at their core, are ecologists: they recycle dead things to give birth to living things, grow plants (shadow creep), befriend animals that others find filthy (Husks, Fiends, Oozes etc.) and of course, last but not least, Doom the ecologically unsustainable capitalist way of living.


Vetruvian because I vibe with their defiant nature.

In MTG, black/blue Mill. Because fuck everyone and everything.


Does Lantern Control count for you as Black/ Blue mill :thonk:
You gotta love a deck where you can see the top card of your opponent’s deck and are able to decide what you want to mill and what not.
It is my favourite deck in Magic since a long time and also one where I had my hands on its creation :grinning:


thats cause abyssian is the most fractured faction.


id be magmar. not only is my gender xXXxX_sexylizard_XxXXx, my preferred pronoun is kujata. In general, I love how magmar works:
you have less attack then me? sorry, gohome child.
you have a ton of purple shit? pulls out plasma lightnin beams of doom
ah, I reached 6 mana? fear not Makantor Jesus is here.
Nice minion you got there. Be a shame if it got it’s ass kicked by a four legged inanimate mass of magma and green shit.
Observes Vetruvian and songhai generals loading up on artifacts. Half-Naked green monster smacks face for instant lethal.
Observes lyonar. Insta-KO
Surrounded by provokes, frenzies and a few mechaz0rs. wins game from half a board away with two mana left to spare.
Opponent does not run dispel. Insidiously chuckles as 16/18 grimrock starts a salt factory.
Opponent does run dispel. Okkaduckin mayhem ensues.

As you clearly can see, the faction matches my maturity levels.



I don,t know for sure,…depends how reliquos lyonar is
If they are the knights of justice that punish everyone that abuses others i would be one of them…if they start coming with some faith **** than no,i don,t believe in gods and would never fight for a faction than fights mainly to please their god

All that can not be proven by science or observations does not exist to me


well a giant magic tree is pretty real when you can literally walk up to it and touch it


I don,t know anything about the lore…just going by asthetics


Well I know nothing about the lore but I love Vanar to bits and it’s the only faction I play, although I live in a tropical country and I dislike the idea of living in a perma-snowy place very much. Also, pretty sure Faie would never even consider dating me :pensive:

Green is my favorite color irl but I’m not a giant reptile nor do I believe in beating my opponents to a pulp… as fun as it sounds… so Mag is out.

Songhai’s pseudo-asian theme appeals to me but I dislike fire as an element and the color red in most forms of media so, no. Reva’s very beautiful though, right up there with Faie.

Vetruvian is all robots? If so, instantly disqualified as I’m not cybernetic-enough (but I’d like to be). Living in a massive desert scares the hell outta me, but I would be very happy to isolate myself in an oasis. Vet are bad guys I think, and I dislike how OP their decks can be, so not Vet probably.

Abyss is a definite no as they’re totally bad guys, 2edgy4me, purple and swarm-oriented.

I guess Lyon is meant to be Abyss’ polar opposite, and yet they feel similar to them in many ways, so no.

I guess I’d be a neutral minion with a green sprite that synergizes very well with Faie and Reva.


I believe you would identify as Aethermaster.


Actually no, Sajj is thr only humanoid robot in vetruvian, they where the creators of sand sheilds.

And again no, they where only bad when Rasha was still alive. They are actually the reason why every other faction is as advance as they are because they are the creators of Sandsheilds, which greatly increased the chance of survival.


Magmar because lizards


Are you a lizard!?