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Which Duelyst faction would you belong to and why?


Howdy y’all! Excogitator here

I feel that one of the strongest parts of Duelyst lore is the appeal of the 6.5 factions. Some card games center their lore around characters, such as hearthstone, while others use whole sets of philosophies, such as MTG. Duelyst occupies that sweet middle spot, where the classes are sorted into nations, which if you think about it, are groups of characters bound by some philosophy.

So, given what you know about yourself, which of the Duelyst factions are YOU a part of? Which faction has a philosophy that most accurately matches what you seek in life? If you were born, totally normal, in the world of Duelyst, what would you try to become (from the ground up)?

TLDR:Basically, I saw someone do this wiTh MTG colours, and thought it would make for fun, Duelyst-themed introductions.

(Note: faction you belong does not necessarily have to be your main faction, it can even be some part of neutral, but it can certainly play a role)


Wow, deep man. I think I would be either Songhai, or Abyssian


you have to ask?


I would be a magmar cuz I’m an ancient virgin with a mommy complex.



I guess I would be neutral. No existing philosophy appeals to me, they all seem to be tending to Lawful alignments, while I prefer being Neutral to Chaotic Good usually :slight_smile:


I appreciate and admire asian culture, songhai is most similar to that, and I am very close with the mechanics, more than anything Id like to be a spell slinging wizard with like 5 0 mana mantras in my hand or a teleporting flashy backstabbing super speedy kaleos.
Id also be part neutral, so I can get that badass look of svrel the exile.
Basically id be a backshanking, spell slinging, teleporting, svrel the exile who has happened to absorb the powers of the legendary trio:astral crusader, serpenti, and paddo.

Also I wholeheartedly love blue more than any other mtg color. I have no doubt this at least contributes to the fact that forum posters and lurkers consider me a demon.
No regrets


well by definition factions have some form of order and i guess neutral would be the most individualistic/chaotic of the bunch since its literally the “unaligned” faction


Just my thoughts.


in all seriousness i think i would actually be magmar. calm, constantly changing but rarely in any substantial/permanent way, respecting of nature while being totally aware of how terrifying and violent it can be. “there is no creation or destruction, only change, death and life are the same thing”

i main abyssian, but abyss is far more willing to take large risks or use others as stepping stones to reach a goal for me to identify as one of them.


And only females are intelligent.


oh the males are intelligent… just like any apex predator is intelligent.
its their cruelty that sets them apart, not their intelligence
i would say they are actually hedonistic instead of dumb


Well Vanar seemed to be aligned with lawful good, which I seem to be perfectly aligbed with.

They are the sworn protectors of Eyos and I would consider myself to be a protector if earth, I’m currently young but I have plenty of great things planned and some that I’m doing.


Big, calm dudes with devastating spouts of rage? Yeah, im a lizard boi now.


I would probably hole myself up deep in the Aymara canyons and research some powerful healing magic there :slight_smile:


Blue for MtG, none ok, maybe Vet for Duelyst :slight_smile:


A couple of days ago I discoevered Songhai’s Kaleos Xaan; it’s perfect as I love the aspect of minion positioning, as it plays into my love for tactics.

I guess I’ll have to update my avatar yet again. Go Songhai!


lyonar because Deus Vult


Noo don’t go to the bright side, you’re worse than that!

why do I always make such horrible puns


no. u’d be neutral zukong becuz monkeyS.


I think I would be neutral. It seems to me most of the factions have some sort of driving philosophy to guide their existences but I would not have any were I to exist on Mythron. I would just want to be a wander and experience places and people while getting stronger in both body and mind.