Which cookie goes better with your milk?


So ever since Christmas I’ve been wondering what I’d give to ole Saint Nick if he ever decided to poke his face in my house and a cup of milk and a few cookies later I thought I thought of what the factions in duelyst do for their resident gift giving stalker (do they even celebrate Christmas, I dunno). And so what better way to find out than to ask the players that play the factions? CA refers to Chips Ahoy and Oreos are Oreos. This poll only has Chips Ahoy and Oreo because they are milks best friend (all other cookies are liars)

  • CA Lyonar
  • CA Songhai
  • CA Abyssian
  • CA Vetruvian
  • CA Magmar
  • CA Vanar
  • Oreo Lyonar
  • Oreo Songhai
  • Oreo Abyssian
  • Oreo Vetruvian
  • Oreo Magmar
  • Oreo Vanar

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Happy New Years!:confetti_ball: :tada:

I almost forgot to include Abyssian. Oops

Next thing you know, I’ll be doing M&M’s


To be fair though, I would never even think about giving santa a non chocolate chip cookie, but I suppose filthy magmars and abyssians might stoop low enough to give him oreos.


Where is the option for Raisins cookie + Shaman?

Oops and also Abyssian is bullied but they don’t care cuz they got Futariax and megawraithlings to fuck everyone else in the ass


I don’t know what I just voted for. Kind of feels like when you go vote for your politicians…


Don’t worry sir, your vote matters! :+1:


Cookies, Milk, Chips Ahoy, Oreos ?
As I feel these references pretty obscure but obvious for OP, I guess …


How about Tim-Tams? They easily eclipse Chips Ahoy and Oreos by a huge margin.


I must refer you back to the end of the post. All other cookies are fake friends


The Songhai Empire is surprised there is no option for Lava Cookies. They are very well known in the Hoenn region, and are loved by Pokémon everywhere! Santa can’t heal status ailments with Oreos and Chips Ahoy.


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