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Which cards of other faction would you like to see in each faction?

If you could take a faction and add 1 card from another faction which one would it be?
This is focused on what you think would be cool, not what you think would be most powerfull(we all want makantor warbeast, i know)

Lyonar: Doom. Healyonar is lacking a lategame-wincon and doom would be just that. Unlike Abyssian zir"an would have many tools to stall long enough for doom.

Songhai: Holy immolation. It would be realy fun to play, just not to play against.

Vanar: Saurian finality. Vanar already has so much ramp. Imagine how “cool” it would be if they would get saurian finality ontop of all the other ramp to make sure that the opponent never gets to play anything big.

Abyssian: Juxtaposition. Abyssian struggles alot with reach, now they got reach and removal both in one to bring their minions into position.

Vetruvian: Plasmastorm. Now they can inflict justtice upon themselves.

Magmar: Deserves nothing, they already have so much stuff that most factions would strongly consider as staples instantly but magmar does not because there is just too much good stuff(krater, greater fortitude, haruspex, spikes, young silithar , terradon, …)
Though if someone would point a gun to my head i would answer MDS.


Lyonar: Fountain of Youth

Songhai: Avalanch

Vetruvian: Concealing Shroud

Magmar: Darkfire Sacrifice

Abyssian: Bolster

Vanar: I wanna say Flash Reincarnation because I think Flash + Embela would be cool but I think Trinity Oath would be better most of the time

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Lyonar: Flash Reincarnation. Its not fair that Lyonar doesn’t have ramp, lets fix this. P2T1 Ironcliffe should be a thing.

Songhai: Aurora’s Tears. Witness the true power of artifacts :smiling_imp:

Vetruvian: Furor Chakram. Gives some oomph to the swarm of minions at their disposal.

Magmar: Chromatic Cold Manaburn because it rightfully belonged to them before Vanar stole it Astral Phasing or Mass Flight so that you won’t be able to just run away from their big boys.

Abyssian: Wind Shrike would be fun in Dying Wish decks. Aymara would be the first
thing DW decks would grab, but lets give the mechanical bird a chance.

Vanar: Bloodrage Mask so that Faie can become a true spellslinger.


Lyonar: Something like Grand Master Variax. Any infinite value, unremovable lategame would make Control Lyonar a real deck

Songhai: I wonder how Infest and Grasp of Agony would do in a spell damage deck. Set up a lot of spell based damage on board, use 8 gates, and cash in all that infest damage

Vanar: I like their whole Schtick with transforming your own minions, so things like Windcliff alarmist/defender and Orbrider could be interesting

Abyssian: Lyonar trial would be absolutely busted. Arid Unmaking might push Abyssian trial over the edge, since it contributes to the trial, is cheap, and gives board presence that also serves as sacrifice fodder.

Vetruvian: Void Steal or Horrific Visage could be interesting in Cypheron. Any good recursive healing such as Scintilla or Desolator could make Sajj viable.

Magmar: The only answer is Stone to Spears


Starhorn in Vanar

Kaleos from the Abyss


Remember when that was added to the game and Songhai was deleted?

Nah, most people don’t, for some reason…


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