Which card or cards did you think were bad when you started playing?


Hey just joint the forums a few days ago so I thought I’d say hi and ask a silly question.
For me it would be twin fang as soon as I got that card from a pack pretty early in duelyst I thought its OK because you get hit go to +4 DMG get hit go to +6 at the time I just d’ed it because I thought claws were better haha read the card people before you disenchant.


To be fair, Twin Fang still isn’t that great, lol.


Twing fang is great if you build deck around it. My card would be spelljamer, didnt understand point giving your opponent cards. Now i play it in most of my decks😃


In all honesty, when I first started, I thought the entire Lyonar faction was bad. Slow, lumbering units, I thought that Songhai totally out-maneuvered them, that Magmar out-damaged them, etc. I thought being beginner-friendly meant they were boring/bland.

Some months later, the joke’s totally on me, I just got my first S rank this season with Tempo Argeon :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought dancing blades was bad when I started…

“Pfft how often are you going to play this minion in a position on where that 3 damage does anything useful? !?!?”



As a Vanar main, I used to think Snow Chaser was too slow to be useful. Until I started seeing Vanar decklists running 3x Snow Chasers. Now I realize how annoying he can be if you can keep his Infiltrate always active.


I was a complete newbie to this sort of card game so I had respect for pretty much everything (even serpenti).
If I had to name one, I didn’t really understand what was the deal with Jax Truesight. I mean, come on, it’s just annoying little 1/1s. Then you run into your first Razorback…


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