Where's my Frostfire Crate? Check Here Before Posting!


Hi guys! Maelrawn here.

I’ve noticed quite a few threads that have all been asking the same question: I’ve completed my Frostfire quest, and the quest is gone, but where are the rewards? Is my game broken? Is the quest bugged?

The answer to the first question is that the Frostfire crate is in your Mystery Crates section, under Gift Crates. Navigate to your Mystery Crates screen, and it should be all the way on the right.

However, and it says it in the images below as well, if you’ve followed these steps and looked at where the gift crate should be, and it is not there when it should be, please file a support ticket, either in-game through the options menu, or in the Technical Support section of the forums.

I made a series of images as a guide, before realizing text would serve perfectly well, so here it is: