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Today I join @humancalc as one of the first to reach 1.0k Days Visited here in our little corner of the Duelyst world.

I am at loss for words, friends. As I write these meager lines in the dark comfort of my bedroom, I just simply smile and cherish the feeling of a couple warm tears falling toward my pillows.

I have been doing my best to live a life in which I extend my hand out in humble service to others…a life in which I give the same measure of trust and respect as I would hope to receive.

One. Thousand. Days.

It’s more than a game, folks. I have made this place an instinctual part of my very heart.

Please know, I understand…more than I would ever wish to…that this cannot last forever. No one can promise me my next breath, the next sunrise, nor 1000 more days with you all…my undeserved home.


I can only strive to make each moment count a little bit more each day. I love the humanity in all of your existences, and I am very happy to have this opportunity to share my experiences with everyone I have had the privilege to meet.

Thanks for being here.

With all my most heartfelt gratitude,



Bruh, for a second there this sounded like a suicide note. My anxiety is through the fucking roof right now.


I don’t know when we’ll have to say goodbye, but when we do I know I’ll miss you.

Ah, and no matter how you feel about it, of all people you ought not to call this place ‘undeserved’. After all, at least to me, you’re an irreplaceable part of this home.


Blessed post.


@isbee you’re a sweetheart and It’s great to have you in this community :slight_smile: .

Even if we don’t really talk much and probably we never played a match against each other, I really am happy that you stuck around against the odds of the game.

Congratulation for your 1000 days in the forum; keep on being yourself!



Aww :hugs: :hugs:


a true poet you are, and one that i will remember for at least a very long time.
the forums give life to my somewhat dead browsing history, and you are a part of that liveliness.
and i do appreciate that.

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