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Where is next expasion

It’s been a what like a 1 or 2 years since the last expansion.


They said Q4, but they did not say WHICH Q4. I am waiting with baited breath for this upcoming quarter four.

Anyways, old joke aside. Most people just desperately want a patch not an expansion, but as murmamasaz already pointed out, until god fall is done, and who knows will that will be, nothing will be done for duelyst.


It’s Hubert! Welcome back, love.

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is it just me or does he appear every six months or so to ask the same question
edit: wait nvm it’s a different person every time


Hello!!! Halcyon98

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LUL. There will be loads of Q4-s to behold in future, my life was suddenly given a purpose :sweat_smile:


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