Where is Klaxon


my thoughts: I find Klaxon a really interesting i know its a bit slow and very vulnerable to silences but any other reason it isn’t used anymore beside Spectral Revnant took its place


Oblit decks arn’t as in fashion right now as mid range. and Klaxon wants to help setup for late game end not mid range trade.


To be honest, I have no clue. Klaxon is a damn fine card.


No immediate impact + the DW is a gamble as to whether it matters or not.


But we already established from the Excelsious thread how provoke is considered to be immediate impact :Dd

They way I see it, risk/reward wise it’s more than worth it:

  • if it gets dispelled you’re left with a noticeable body
  • if it gets destroyed you’re left with creeps
  • if it gets repulsored there’s less removals for specrevs

The card has been working very well for me. The amount of time it gets dealt with efficiently is surprisingly low. More often than not card does end up giving value.

Who even decided that a 6 mana 6/6 provoke is too slow and why are people listening to them?


I’m using it. Happy with it.


I find that it takes several summons in order for it to do anything even once, which is a ridiculous investment for a not great payoff.

That said it’s one of my favorite cards and I have 3 :?)


I like to think of this card as a “Delayed Aymara healer” instead of dealing and healing 5 right away, Klaxon usually deals 6 damage later in the game with ghost azalea or obliterate. As such, it suffers from the same weaknesses as Aymara, with an effect that occurres even later after it is played.

For me, at least, it is an automatic *3 in Creep decks. Maybe the other players cannot afford them since the other legendaries needed for Creep are so expensive.


Same for me, I run two copies of Klaxon and it is a strong card


I got rekt by a Big Lilithe deck that ran shadow creep with Klaxon, behemoths, and Oozes. It’s probably based on preference and the thoughts of other widely known players, which imo is not always right.


Klaxon even more tasty with a pinch of Consuming Rebirth on top.
Too slow for meta, ok, but too savorous not to try :wink:


I don’t know what’s up with that, I used it in my lurking fear deck and was able to get 20 damage obliterates with Klaxon alone, didn’t even need any other shadow creep cards. Just play a good early game and use consuming rebirth on Klaxon.

And a bad early game was supposed to be the one weakness of shadow creep…


I run one in my fast Cassyva deck and it works fine. It’s honestly fairly good and I would probably put one more in if I had the dust.


thanks for the idea


yeah :sweat_smile:


what r u talking abt? :slight_smile: it’s still doing really well in my deck. Don’t play it too soon, bait your enemy to waste their dispel cards 1st


well i never have seen it in ranked gameplay just that why


Watch some tournaments :slight_smile:
Also, watch Mogwai’s stream of S-rank, he encounters them.


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