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Where does Mirkblood Devourer fit in? should i dust it for spirit?



currently im ranked Gold.

i run argeon, zirix, vaath, faie, and lilithe.


Seconding this!

I would like to know this also, since I just got one but also can’t find a place for him.

I really don’t want to dust him, but he seems very mediocre.


Zyx is going to be a card, and I think Mirkblood might have a home in a flood/zoo Argeon deck.


Nah brah. He isn’t op but he isn’t unusable either. He’ll find a home in a Kara Wall deck or Zoo anything deck just fine.


im gonna dust it since i can’t really use it, and i have a lot of better legendaries that i need. thanks


I’ve used Devourer a bit for my Wraith deck, although Shiro Puppydragon is probably a bit better overall (and I’m in silver so I’m in no position to give advice :smiley:). Sometimes it makes some nice combos with Bloodmoon Priestess, giving 3 2/2 wraiths per turn if successful, +whatever else you summon that turn.


Keep it, it’s a solid card that enables other cards that’s aren’t as good without it such as that Prophet of the White Palm card that becomes a 2/2 or a 3/3 1 mana drop if u use Kara, that shields you from spell damage for a turn. Really really useful legendary.

This isn’t HS, there aren’t actually that many dead cards.


Alathur’s abyssian list thread has an interesting lilith zoo deck that runs 2x mirkblood. I would keep it, it’s an interesting card.

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