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When will you start to save gold?


Wassup guys and gals !

New expansion’s coming soon enough, and since this time I’ll actually have an occasion to prepare for it, I wondered when to start saving gold for orbs.
I actually ended up deciding to save everything I get, so I guess I’m going to work more on my actual skill than decks.

Anyway, here’s the poll !

  • Already started saving gold
  • Later this month
  • Next month
  • When we get an actual release date
  • Won’t save up
  • Prefer to pre-order

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still missing many of the standard cards. so no saving for me.

i will pre order though most likely. there are so few good games lately that i have the budged for it.


Saving gold but not for the extension.
I usually keep 300gp to buy 2 gauntlet tickets in case a daily quest requires (after trying to change) to play a faction I don’t like.


I’ve been dumping all my money into gauntlet until I can consistently hit 7 runs and get everything free forever.


After spending saved up gold on Shim’Zar, I immidiatly started saving again. So… I started saving early September.


i pre-ordered a single Shim’zar order.

this next expansion i’m doubling my pre-order if they let me.

all gold i earn goes to arena runs and packs to try and get the epics and legendary i still don’t have and want.


Probably will not able to save up anything at all since I am still working on getting key common/rare cards both from the core set and Shimzar.


I already started saving gold since I read that next expansion comes that early after the last.
I preordered the last time but since it’s clearly communicated by the devs that drop rates will be a gamble anytime in the future I will not preorder anything anymore.


Wont be saving any gold, still need plenty of core cards. Besides that, if the orb packs have the same low rate for legendary’s (which I’m guessing they will), it wont be worth it anyway. Just gather spirit and craft the few cards worth running. Even they will probably be nerfed, so it’ll be a safe spirit investment.


^this^ i really don’t want to see the “entitled” jump on these forums, reddit etc. complaining about drop rate and getting “scammed” again. That was such a challenged moment in this community.

hopefully both Counterplay and the community will stand up on soap boxes and make it clear that a blind pack orb isn’t a guaranteed drop rate.

If you can’t stand that idea just don’t drop money on it. save gold.


As I said. I don’t want to discuss it. It’s just the way I handle it. Not more not less.
Edit: I save gold. Nuff said from my side.


i think your handling it correctly. vote with your wallet.


Not to reignite that issue, but its effect are understandable. People who are aware of what happened will be much more dubious with purchasing from CP.


P2W: Since…er…forever…not been using gold.
F2P: When I get all the Thumping Wave I need.


Oh wise bear you speak the truth again


Started last month! :slight_smile: I’ve got 2k already.

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