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When U Ask Unwanted Legit Questions U Get Deleted


Asked politely, why it is impossible to change resolutions and why is it so hard to do it in the year of 2016.
Post got deleted with no answer or warning.
Nice game and moderators, keep up the great work!


I can’t tell if it’s true what you say but if… I completely disagree with such a mod-behaviour.
That’s one of the reasons why I don’t like Reddit. I got censored there and saw other posts deleted. Didn’t know that this is the case in the forums, too.


Well if you acted there the way you act here I don’t see anything wrong with them deleting it. I heavily doubt the thread was deleted because you asked an unwanted question.


Don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house. :wink:


“Hi, can anybody confirm that there is no possible way to change resolution in the year of 2016, thanks” pretty much direct quote, there were no bad words at all

*pretty sure this post will get deleted too, then you will see im not lying :slight_smile:


It’s sarcastic - at least. But should not be a problem.

Edit: The game is scaling with the resolution kinda automatically. I really don’t have a problem with it btw.


This post will get closed or deleted because it has no reason to exist. If you have issues with the mods PM them rather than trying to expose them publicly, acting like some sort of internet knight saving us poor forum users from their corruption. Stop giving yourself so much credit :slight_smile:


It has a reason to exist, otherwise I would no post it. Devs and other players should see that people are not satisfied with lack of normal resolution selection. The more people are whining about it, the more chances there will be improvements. If everybody keep silence, devs will think everything is fine.

This makes this game unplayable for me - since it takes my native monitor resolution and makes game produce 10 fps for me. And that “good fit - bad fit” setting (wow, 2 blind choices, 3rd choice not working) doesn’t change anything. On another notebook, trying to change that setting broke the game completely - reinstalling with deleting game folder didn’t help.
I asked support for help (thinking, maybe it can be done through config file or smth) and got respond “There is an option in game settings”. Yeah, thanks much.

There were sh*t ton of such questions on Steam forums - most likely got deleted too

  • quite a few “Ask Question” tickets


To be fair, it was a pretty sarcastic rhetorical question.


We really need window resize, not resolution setting.


Have you tried playing in windowed mode? When the launcher first came out, I was playing on a crap computer and windowed mode saved me a lot of heartache.


They are definitely too harsh when it comes to thread deletion - my subjective opinion about nerfs got deleted just because they thought the thread “did not serve to evolve discussion” while there have already been 3 replies that evolved the discussion…


I can definitely confirm the authors fear, when i suggested that Kronikle might be helding the other devs hostage due to the name and nature of the Card Inquisitor Kron, the thread was mysteriously deleted shortly after. Also, does the nerf to Kron mean that Kronikles reign is over?


I DEed them all only to get them back a day after. So my opinion: He’s no more the Gov’ner but the Royal Advisor.


I read that thread before it was deleted and it was to be honest a sort of attacking tone which was not completely pleasant.

That said, I would disagree with a hypothetical removal because of that reason (which you really do not know it was!) since it was within limits imo.

But we all do not know, so just ask your question politely again and see how the thread fares. My guess is it just stays up. Making accusations is not to be done lightly.


10/10 victim blaming. OP felt he was treated unfairly and just stood up for himself. That neither makes him an ‘internet knight’ nor did he claim credit for anything.


Original thread was deleted because it did not follow forum guidelines. If you have a suggestion or criticism that is fine, so long as it is posted with the intent to discuss, the post was not setup as such. Locking this thread as it serves no proper purpose for discussion either.

As far as why you were not informed I will take full blame for that, I always message people when and if I need to delete or modify threads. I simply made a mistake by forgetting to message you about your thread when I deleted it, for that I do apologize.

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