When they throw planets at you


(animu reference to facing something ridiculously strong)

Basically a thread for sharing parts of lists you’ve fought against and that you thought were incredibly effective.

With Sirocco as a possible replacement for Fault, albeit slightly less effective imo. It does have access to Vanquisher as well instead of just Lady Locke though.

Immortal Maehv. Honorary mention to Tiger because it can take you from 25 to 0 if RNG favors your opponent.

Pretty sure this is why Vanar got uber-nerfed. Ramping into Seraphim gives you access to some crazy stuff, most commonly SOTW but it can also work with the Ice Age Wake combo or by cloning Seraphim herself with Reflection if there were walls established on the board already.

Honorary mention: Wanderer Rag and Heal Zir’an




Where is 8g8?:wink:


Too lazy to make decklist screens but my list of the most busted shit atm would include the following:

Titan + literally any minion-> 7 mana and you win the game unless your opponent has an EMP for every titan in your hand.

Scroll bandit + Jux/MDS by far the best P1T1 play in the game. If the opponent can’t remove the bandit he has essentially lost the game right there, coming back from the tempo loss that’s going to fuck up his life is very difficult if the Songhai has a brain.

Ragnora + Lavalance. Arguably the best BBS in the game along with an excellent tempo removal. Add in the rest of Magmars tempo cards and you have one of the most efficient tempo decks ever.

Rae + Fault + Khanum Ka really powerful combination that can come out far too early given how powerful it is, non of the cards is all that great by themselves but together they work wonders.

Crystal whisp + MDG + Malicious whisp + whatever lategame card you want to play. Having to deal with 8/9 mana cards from Vanar while you have 4 mana yourself feels pretty bad

Wanderer + Minion BBS -> the cancer that’s killing this game, at least for me. Wrote more than enough on this topic already so i’ll stop here.


Come child.

I’ll show you how seraphim and reflection can get out of hand even faster :wink:

Btw - reflection is better on embla, mainly for the instawalls and the position and the reach.


Ragnora + lavalance Nope!
Zir’An + Lucent Beam is more powerful because for the same cost you can target the general and not only minions


vs Betrayal. Who wins?

Don’t need EMP in this case :wink:


except that it’s not the same cost and require a “bit” more of “setup”


Yes but an egg is feeble and not useful until it become a minion
When you heal a minion or general you obtein an immediate +x of life and then a damage to something. If you use the Lucent beam after you heal your general to damage the opponent general you obtein a a big benefit.(healing mistic + lb = 6, sun drop elixir + lb = 9, …)


Wasn’t arguing about sunbeam power, i just meant what i wrote


Eat your heart out, Vaath; I can punch really hard, take reduced damage, provoke AND eventually get forcefield without the need of a Grandmaster.


vaath can get forcefield with grove lion too :thinking:




Well, if you guys want Songhai…


You also need a healing proc for Lucent Beam to do 4 damage, so that actually costs more (and might not be possible).


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