When is this game coming out on mobile?


I enjoy this game on my laptop, but I wish that I could play this game when I’m not at home, like hearthstone. I heard that this game is going to mobile this year, but is it confirmed by the developers?


They have been saying they are aiming for the end of the year. Though a recent statement from the CEO was “1Q 2017”, and I keep warning people that could mean March 2017. Also, schedules can slip.

So, I’d say hopefully sometime in the next 6 months, but we’ll need to be patient.

The problem Duelyst has that isn’t present with HS is how to fit a 45-square board onto a small screen in a way that everything is visible, and with a user interface that works well. It’s a challenge and they deserve much kudos for trying to do it (though I also very much believe it is in their best interests to do so.)


They could add a zoom mechanic so you can zoom out to watch the enemy play, or to better focus on certain areas of the board for mobile.


Hero Academy came out on iOS and Android and it has a 9x5 board. I never played it, but it shows that it can be done.