Whats your favourite Battle Pet?


Sup guys?

So, its been some days already since ShimZar arrived and one if not the most remarkable thing is BATTLE PETS!

What are your thoughts on them? Have a favourite? COOL which one and why? :smiley:

My 1st love was OOZ: nice stats, deals extra damage causw of the shadow creep and helps the archetype a lot!


Pure, utter value.
And it’s a cat.
'nuff said.


Rex, i love that tiny dino. It is great for trades.



He’s the coolest looking one imo and the fact how it’s also the biggest and the only pet with four letter name makes it even better. Gro is really close though, just because he’s so cute.


Gor but I pretty much like all of the battle pet cards except the high variance rng magmar spell and the vanar one that becomes another random one when it survives damage.


None? The mechanic sucks.


Rawrs name might actually not be four letters. What three-letter combination is pronounced the same? Rar. What does rawr do? Summon minions when it takes damage (summons it from itself), essentially many battlepets compressed into a bigger battle pet. It also is technological in appearance. Rar, compression, technology… Hmm…


Pax because it’s the only battle pet that has the decency to spawn normal minions.


Xho, cute and kinda of one of the few battle pets worth playing


Shit man, you might be onto something.


HL3 confirmed

Oh yeah we can’t use that anymore. Sad pando.


PAX TOO STRONK! But there are some other big guys around.

I like the mechanic, i mean, i think its like a big thing and unique to this game. Wheter if they are worth or not, i think it pretty much depends on the pet, but so far, the overall value they provide totally justifies the lack of control. PAX is one good example, and i think OOZ too, cause most of the times doesnt really matter what they hit.


I’ll tell you who’s the best:


“Bu-but Ryan! It’s Sarlac the Eternal, but it can only spawn in corners, and you can’t control it!”


Look at it.

Just…look at it.

It’s a goddamn mini-leviathan.

And when it attacks, does it smack the enemy weakly like they’re some bored house cat? (ahem, Pax)

Does it does some cool color switch trick and call it a day? (ahem, Xho)

Does it bite not twice, but thrice and still manage not to kill? (ahem, Rex)

Does it meekly stand around and does whatever? (ahem, Rawr)


It shoots a laser beam of death.

We should all aspire to be Gor: although we’re the little guy, even though we may not all know him by name, we should still take pride in what we do, and no matter what, keep coming out on top.


Funny you name gor: yesterday i had a nimbus spamming obelysk everywhere and gor was like “huck this” and kept on going againts them and dying and spawning in another corner just to die again jajajaja so funny to see


My favourite is XHO, but I seem to have a problem…

In FairyTail, there is a character called E.N.D, since everyone spells out their name I now always say X-H-O :disappointed_relieved:


I really like gor, but I had a hilarious moment with koi in gauntlet. The enemy general actually punched koi, and then just stood next to it for like 3 turns.


Ahem. I wouldnt call scratching the flesh off someone’s face “smack the enemy weakly” thank you very much. They are patented bronze claws, and they HURT.


Inb4 pikachu :smirk:

Ayy, lmao


He is a tiny rex, the tiniest t-rex, it’s Rex, it’s Rex. :notes:


I like Gor, it can bait silence even removal. Pax is also cool.