Whats you favorite Shim'Zar card and why?


wanted to make a quick thread and ask people on their favorite shim’zar cards :smiley:
(btw my favorite is sunforge lancer)

This is why

Its just such a good new card for healing-nar . its a 3 drop , has 1 more health than a vanilla 2 drop , its ability is just amazing and it still gives you value after death


Nature’s Confluence!


Because it can take magmar to a whole new level of fun with pokemans army!


that pretty much sums up why people complain about RNG cards btw

10/10 would rok again


Nimbus. I’m a Vet main, 'nuff said.


Looks like a Military Blockade lol


Lol, youre right, its a Rokky Checkpoint ;^)


Nimbus + WOTS (Whisper of the Sands)

Because I said so.


Flaming Stampede. Because its so useless kappa.


Not sure yet, as the Battle Pet mechanic has me blind from all the salt in my eyes.


Oi, that sounds fun.
I summoned a Nimbus, he couldnt answer it, so I gave it provoke… poor Reva.


My favourite card is Ki Beholder. Such a cool, flexible effect. Great ranged body at only 3 mana.

Second would be Kron because he’s gonna get hit by the nerf bat so hard.


Falcius - he’s even better than I expected, but the best thing is that it’s common! Nimbus can be stupidly OP, but not everyone can craft it.


I pulled one and crafted the other 2, needless to say, first card I crafted, even b4 Kron.


My real favorite Card is most likely Spinecleaver, i really like that effect, even if it’s slightly overcosted (also got 3 of them from packs, so i prolly made myself like them lol)


I got 3 Crescent Spears, personally, I woulda preferred getting 3 Spinecleavers


I am planning to build a deck around them, i just need 2 Wildfireankhs, feelssajjman.


i just love the art :smiling_imp: Playability card tho would have to be KRON


Moloki Huntress, Gro’s BFF. Now, If only other growth minions weren’t terrible…


Ive got 3 Ankhs :>


do you have 3 twinfangs tho?