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What's up? i'm back with abyss



i’m not really new, as some of you will know me as snowshot.
i opened a diffrent account for abyss only, so i won’t get my shape kicked out of me in ladder.
little did i know - i came up with a great wincon.

i’ll let you figure this out for yourselves.
i’ll say this 6 mana 14 dmg min. not including any other bodies on board.

it’s not even close to the deck i want to create due to lack of cards.
but it will get better.

if you want to make fun of me, you are welcome to add me.
@nwardezir you can’t got my account.




Saw Dark Seed and made me think of stupid decks:

I approve of Dark Seed. For the memes!


Hey, it’s not that stupid, it looks a lot to Aggro Cass from 7/8 seasons ago.

(@desertsnow don’t worry, you’re not my type of target for account request :wink: )


Isn’t Phantasm going to be awkward.
Excluding tiger you have some backline minions, a horror that can transform your buffed minions and I’m assuming the buffs don’t work on building minions. Correct me if I’m wrong. Don’t really see good Phatasm buff targets.
Primus might be better here.


Dank Seed is actually part of aggro Cass rn because of the recent nerfs :slight_smile: it’s always been pretty solid.


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