What's the point of expensive minions?


I’ve been talking about how it currently is. Not about how it could be in theory. And right now you will have a hard time finding any decks in the meta that have more than 3 hard removal spells. Sure they could play more, but they don’t.
If you decide to not run big minions because of this that’s your choice, but it’s not a reasonable one. If you play 6 or more 5+ cards, and i have several decks that do that, then the chances are really really good that your opponent will run out of answers. Yes you won’t draw all of them, just as your opponent won’t draw all his removal, but if you have twice as many threats as he has answers, the chances are clearly in your favor. Yes, theoretically, if everyone starts doing that, they will probably stock up on hard removal, which in turn weakens them to other things causing the meta to shift into another direction.

The viability of big minion is certainly also a meta call, just like everything else in fact, but claiming they are useless or generally unviable is just plain wrong.


I agree with baharoth. I remember the first time I hit diamond rank was with a silly Khymera ramp deck and Vanar existed even back then. To play big minions you either need to get immediate value or go for threat density. Good example would be Aymara Healer and Nimbus, both amazing creatures, but both keep going in and out of many Vetruvian decks because they don’t have that immediate impact and can be just too slow. Example for threat density would be the classic Magmar decks where you aim to play turn 1 Sunsteel and then continue dropping on-curve high threat minions.

The thing with Vanar right now isn’t so much that they have removal, but it’s so cheap and they can continue to develop the board at the same time and they get additional spell synergies from Arcanysts. So it’s important to deal with their board so you don’t just give their Arcanysts more fuel for snowballing with your high-cost minions.

It also helps to be mindful to be aware of your opponents hand-size and how many copies of spells they have cast before you play your fatty boom-booms.


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