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What's the most BS play that's happened to you lately?


I just had someone revive Shadow Revenant three turns in a row after dropping his cost and creating 3 shadow creeps in the process before dropping shadow nova on me after I popped the stupid thing each turn without having to attack it, though he still got the burn on me twice.

Got massacred. Can’t wait til the Shadowcreep nerf.

What’s your story? :3


What if you are homosexual (or female) and that sort of terminology isnt necessarily of negative bias



I was on the other end of an Elucidator+Amp+Fractal combo, and A turn 2 Leviathan. Do they count?


I meant no harm with the word.
If it’s an issue I can change it.
My apologies.


No I’m just aspy and nitpick at the smallest things :3, no harm done friend


Fair enough.
I can’t say I could think of another way to say it without rambling ten words together anyways xD


I am an Aussie. I have a plethora of swear words for this situation. But I get the feeling that that isn’t appropriate here.


I mean, between English, Japanese and a tad bit of German I’m sure I could come up with enough words to capture my salt, but I don’t think there’s a word that really captures the idea of being beaten by the most absolutely dumb luck, especially when referring to a game. other than getting sacked.


if you wanted to be anal specific you can say unfair ways of losing independent of player skill



You said specific.


Anyway maybe he could have used most bs.


nitpicking in a forum op


That’s honestly probably the shortest way of saying it without naming this thing something three lines long.


Very true. 15 characters are needed eh?


Thread has massively derailed. Going to lock it.

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