What's the highest rank you guys have reached?

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • S

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I reached rank 1 with 4 chevrons last month and was pretty sad to be unable to win the last necessary game.


I can easily get to diamond, but there I can only use my very few best decks and I still struggle to climb. I rather spend the season in gold playing fun, mediocre and/or incomplete decks.


Highest I’ve gotten is gold, I can’t be stuffed climbing. My main decks are Healyonar and Ramp Magmar so that doesn’t really help.


Totally agree.

The saddest part is that, if you want to climb diamond and reach S, you have to deal with (and be part of) the meta. At this point, to me, the pleasure of playing and the fun is disappearring.

Usually, I climb up to Diamond and when it’s done, I consider “My job here is done” and I usually stay there, having fun playing the decks I want, instead of : having chevrons and playing the decks I should :grin:


Diamond. Anything beyond this would require genuine effort. And theres no way in hell I’m doing that for a video game.


I got S on my second season and every other season from then on. At first I thought how I won’t bother with it again because I’ve already proven to myself how I can reach “the top”. But then I realized it wasn’t that big of an effort so I just went with it.


Casual player consistently landing on gold, baby. Yeah!



There was already a forum post very similar to this one


But this one is very different. It’s about the highest rank we reached rather than our average rank. Also, not everyone can use search function.


I was thinking of making a poll about what was everyone’s LOWEST rank. You know… to change things up a bit.



By the way, your poll asks for highest rank, but your poll options only lists tiers. My highest rank has been Gold Rank 9.



Rank 9, but that was at a time I was also entering a tournament that month so I put more effort than normal to try different things. On average I only play about 1.5 games per day, or possibly even less then that since I don’t keep a record of my playing stats. But I’m thinking about giving myself a challenge in January to climb as high as I can by only using common/basic cards, which would be interesting to try since the new expansion will be out by then.


I started at the beginning of October, and I reached Diamond for the last two seasons :slight_smile: my highest post was rank 4. I think I need to invest more to reach higher rank, my collection is still small though


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