What's the consensus on Frostburn?


Good? Bad? Usable?

I love it, and once I saw the card I was like “yes YES thank you Duelyst developers!”. See this is the reason why Duelyst will always be better than Hearthstone - because the developers listen to us. Vanar as a faction has always lacked AoE aside from Aspect of the Mountains which isn’t really that much of an AoE. And what do they give us on this expansion? An AoE spell!

5-mana is a lot for a 3 damage AoE, but I will always put 2x or even 3x of this in my Vanar decks because it deals with a lot of early game threats with 2 or 3 health. It deals with most of Songhai’s backstab minions as well as Killing edge’d Hearthseekers, which is important because Songhai has always been Vanar’s biggest weakness. It deals with a board filled with Dervishes or Wraithlings, and it also kills Bloodmoon priestess unlike Tempest. It may not be that good vs Lyonar, but most of Lyonar’s early drops have 3 health so it helps.


From experience it’s good. But it’s not good to make control vanar a thing unfortunately. I really thought it would be, but the lack of heals really hurts. I guess running 2 in a midrange deck is fine but I personally prefer running lots of removal and dispels to deal with individual threats rather than trying to clear the board full of small minions.


It doesnt kill my Soulburn Obelysks, so Im cool with it.


I was actually disappointed when I saw this card. Factions need weaknesses. Weaknesses differentiate them as much as their strengths do. It forces players to play different factions in different ways. Anyone playing Vanar for instance had to play around the fact that they had little/no AOE. Now they don’t have to play around that which makes them stronger yes…but less Vanar.

Any card that allows a faction to be played more like another faction instead of more of its own unique style is boring design (in purely my opinion). So yes, Frostburn is good, but I wish it didn’t exist.

This is also why I think Zenrui should be Vetruvian. Gaining control of an enemy minion is an awesome flavor that should be faction specific. It just makes the factions different. and Different is good (albeit harder to balance).


Lesser Flame Strike. I’m good with it. Kill the Abyss sworm. Bigger threat still take 3 damage.

Avalanche is out now.


It does damage. :yum:


Ehh, you have to handle faction weaknesses carefully though. It’s not like MTG where you can mix colors when you build your deck if you really want to run a color with a particular strength. Previously, Vanar completely and utterly lacked any decent form of board clear. Because of that kind of problem Rogues in hearthstone have been limited to a single competitive deck that isn’t even top tier. Priests, meanwhile, had gaping holes in their abilities and curve after standard came out and were non-viable competitively. I think it’s one thing for a class to have sub-par tools for a particular task, it’s quite another for a class to have no reasonable tools for a task.

But while I didn’t like how Vanar completely lacked board clear I also don’t really like what CP did. They didn’t have to get an especially good clear, maybe another card that comboed with avalanche or something, but they needed something that somewhat worked and was flavorful. What they got was as vanilla as board clears get, which is rather disappointing.