What's out of hand?


Out of hand, global, removal/damage/dispel for Vetruvian.

Every other faction has it. Why is Vetruvian the only one that doesn’t?


The only out of hand damage that’s significant is stars fury. There is the nosh rak multiplier, but that requires a board.

It’s the reason vet is considered the worst faction right now. Every time vet is given the option of good out of hand damage, they instantly become the most powerful (read broken) faction in the game… before the devs Nerf them into oblivion.


Artifacts are out of hand damage. But that really isn’t the point of Vetruvian- and the designers haven’t really expressed an interest in stopping stacking on hand damage no matter how much the community backlashes. For now, it’s just an element of play you have to live without and in spite of while Vettin’. On the bright side, the Devs keep adding more healing surges, and when you can outheal hand damage, it becomes massively card inefficient to do.

Don’t be surprised if Vet gets a Concealing Shroud-style spell sometime in the future though. Then also don’t be surprised if the reddit explodes into premature moaning before it’s properly tested out (I dub thee, the Falcius effect.)


Because you got to have a faction for those who really like a challenge.


@nickDigger That’s the absolute reason I still stick with Vetruvian. It’s pure “I will make this work!” at this point.


There might be less, but there are some out of hand damage cards.

If artifacts are considered then Falcius counts: Only depends on your general position.
Rasha’s Curse and Bone Swarm: Depends on enemy general position.
Star’s Fury: Obviously depends on enemy position.
Psychic Conduit: Pretty conditional.
Whispers of the Sands: Can be played straight after putting an obelysk. Depends on obelysk positioning and RNG.
Add in a Fireblaze Obelysk or some other buffs and things can hurt.

It is not like there is absolute no out of hand burst possible. It is just that everything is conditional.

If the conditions are right and the stars align Vetruvian is a god and when conditions are bad… :laughing:


I have found success in using some of the established obelysk vet decks with a few twists but the most fun I have had is using a low curve OTK vet deck.
I don’t use autarch’s gifts, I just rely on tears and time maelstroms.


Like when Lillithe’s BBS betrayed her and played into Stars Fury while I had a Fireblaze on board so I was able to burst her down from 18 health at 5 mana?


I suggest ALL out of hand damage, removal, or dispel is changed to only affect anything that is “near your general”.


This is a very bad sign for the future.


That’s a terrible idea, as it basically makes the majority of removals useless. At the same time, I do agree that something needs to be done about vet’s obvious lack of good removal. Now, I only recently returned to this game, so I am unsure as to why siphon energy was nerfed (it used to be able to work on the whole board), but a revert of that or a rework of the card could be helpful. Decay is pretty bad for a removal, but psychic conduit is actually very good.


The idea was proposed simply to bring attention to the state of Vetruvian gameplay. I’d love to see every other faction’s players have to face playing around what Vetruvian has to play around.


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