What would you like to see in Q1 2017?


We know that the tentative deadline for the mobile client is Q1 2017, so this is likely the big hit for that time window. This would be great, but what would you like to see implemented in Q1 2017?

Please try to be realistic. A few points from my side:

  • Any form of casual game mode to take a break from ladder climbing. Be it a standard casual mode or something else, but some more game diversity would be important to have.

  • Fixes to a few UI glitches, as discussed in a recent thread. I think that some polishing around the edges would be beneficial to sell the game better, especially on the mobile market.

  • A few balance changes and a shift in the balancing methodology. I don’t understand exactly why the balancing philosophy always boils down to nerfing cards. Reworking cards which people love, but are not that great, could make the game more interesting.

I think all of this would be more important and healthy for the game than adding new cards.


Mobile version!!! I have been waiting for this for over a year now :confused:

  • Mobile Platform. I guess the playerbase would go up a lot if a mobile platform is available

  • “Tavern Brawl” Style games with alternative game rules

  • Ranged Vetruvian removals

  • more support for Eggmar and Growmar


Mobile version plz. I’ve been getting less desktop time now that I’ve got a Real Job.


Faction specific Golems!




Solo Challenges, really enjoyed working through that as a newbie and would love some updates to the mode.


^ Agreed on that. More solo challenges would be awesome!


Vetruvian Buffs

  • mobile version
  • reworked Starhorn BBS
  • no (!) expansion (every quarter seems overdose to me)
  • 4 monthlies again
  • indicator on cards for faction/neutral and Core/Shimzar/RotB


Co-op boss fights / raids

  • Mobile Version
  • Better AI (already told Counterplay Support how to accomplish more easily than one would expect)
  • Clear Diversification about which cards belong to which Sets
  • Playing against the AI will reward a small sum of EXP after lvl 10
  • Playing against the AI will reward some Spirit depending on AI difficulty

And of course this:

Well, it´s not realistically to be seen in Q1, but it should find its place on the do to list immediately)


Non-ranked versus mode, they had it briefly and then took it away again. I wouldn’t even mind if it didn’t give gold or count towards rewards, it’d just be nice to test stuff or ya know…play for fun sometimes??

More support for different Vet play-styles. Not just buffs.

Maybe some sort of token acknowledgement that they may have gone a bit too far with some of the RotB cards.


Well we already know what’s coming out next as cp has shown us their road map several times. I just hope it’s international transaction and release some back to back or close to its mobile version.


At this point nearly everyone is asking for a mobile platform for Duelyst.
Glad that it is estimated to be put on Q1 2017, as said in the Dev roadmap.


The question was what one would like to see in Q1. And yes: despite their roadmap which is always subject to prior change I´d like to see mobile version, more specifically support for iPad Air 2 upwards, in Q1 2017. Can´t emphasize enough.
And if there is room for additional improvement this quarter, improve rewards playing against AI. There is reason for it.



I say it a lot in these forums but I think they really need to have more modes to play /better at before they bring out the mobile version. Mobile and international release should be the next up but we don’t have a lot to do. That’s okay for us because we are already invested in the game but mark may words newer players will feel bored… That’s my worry.


Sure. :slight_smile: But I´ve trust in the dev´s work and I´m confident they know what to do in priority. At least they´re active here and they also read user comments. So there´s high hope they evaluate different user suggestions/wishes properly. If I´d been a dev, I´d be thankful for suggestions. And I´m sure they are, too! :slight_smile:


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