What would Hearthstone secrets be like in duelyst?


So I used to play a lot of Hearthstone, and I was thinking about how Duelyst has nothing like secrets, and I was wondering what secrets from Hearthstone might look like in Duelyst, so I decided to make this thread. (This is not a suggestion, I do not think these cards should exist, they are not necessarily balanced, it is merely an exercise in creativity.) Input and other peoples’ ideas are always welcome. :slight_smile:

Paladin - (1) Noble Sacrifice: When an enemy attacks, summon a 2/1 Defender as the new target.

Vetruvian - (1) Mirage: When an enemy attacks a friendly minion, teleport the friendly minion to a random space nearby your General, and summon a 2/2 Wind Dervish as the new target.

Hunter - (2)Explosive Trap: When your hero is attacked, deal 2 damage to all enemies.

Lyonar - (2)Scorched Earth: When an enemy attacks a friendly minion or General on your starting side of the board, deal 2 damage to all enemies on your starting side of the board.

Mage - (3) Ice Barrier: When your hero is attacked, gain 8 armor*. (*Health)

Vanar - (3) Ice Barrier(Kappa): When an enemy minion attacks your General, teleport it to a random space nearby the enemy general, and summon a 0/2 wall on a random space nearby your General.

Paladin - (1) Redemption: When one of your minions dies, return it to life with 1 health.

Magmar - (1) Reincarnate: The first friendly minion that dies on your opponents turn has Rebirth.

Hunter - (2) Freezing Trap: When an enemy minion attacks, return it to its owner’s hand and it costs (2) more.

Songhai - (2) Tranquilize: When an enemy minion that costs (3) or more attacks your General, return it to its’ action bar.

Mage - (3) Mirror Entity: After your opponent plays a minion, summon a copy of it.

Abyssian - (3) Mimic: When your opponent plays a minion that costs (3) or less, summon a copy of it on a random space nearby your General.


Abyssian - (3) Wraithling Crowd: When your opponent summons a minion from their action bar, surround it with 1/1 Wraithlings.

Who doesn’t like being surrounded by a crowd of cute wraithlings?

Alternatively, for Cass:

(3) Creep Enclosure: When an enemy minion or general steps onto Shadow Creep, turn the 3x3 tile around it into Shadow Creep.


I think for the Lyonar Secret this would be a better idea:

Scorched Earth- (2): When an enemy attacks your General or a friendly minion nearby your General, deal 2 Damage to it and all enemies around it.

This way it is sort of like a Zeal effect. You must be near your minions for it to proc, and it is like a crossbreed of Holy Immolation and Tempest.

Love all the other ideas, this is just what popped up in my head.


Oooh that is really cool, I wish I had thought of that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Vetruvian can do something with mirror image, with minions that trick your opponent into thinking that they are your general and pursuing them.

Dis Exapaton
4 mana spell
Teleport your general to target space and summon two Mirages on random spaces

Resembles your general until it takes damage


Very cool, I love it! Although, being able to teleport your general to any targeted space might be a little too strong. Simply summon two mirages that resemble your general nearby, and shuffling them, would be good enough.


I hope secrets never come to Duelyst.


I’m sorry you feel that way. I feel like they provide an additional layer of depth to the game that shall no longer be named. Yeah, sure, there are some rather un interactive secrets, but it’s fun to play around them and try to narrow down which card your opponent is hiding. It allows you to do things on your opponents turn and preemptively prepare for their plays. But thank you regardless, for your input.


It’s not depth, it’s just random uncontrollable effects you largely have no power over. Secrets are terrible in Hearthstone - they only work when Team 5 shoehorns them in through overpowered cards like Cloaked Huntress, Mysterious Challenger, and Mad Scientist.


I have to disagree. You have total control over them, when to trigger them, what to trigger them with, and they largely aren’t random unless it’s Effigy or Misdirection, and just because they aren’t the greatest thing in your opinion in the game that shall no longer be named, doesn’t mean they can’t be interesting as a mechanic in Duelyst. And remember, this isnt a suggestion thread about actually adding secrets to Duelyst, just what secrets from “The Game” might look like in Duelyst.


As long as there aren’t too many secrets per faction, and playing around one secret doesn’t play into another, I think secrets can be healthy and well designed. And Duelyst is a lot different from Hearthstone, with its board and the fact that generals have attack. In particular, the board opens up many opportunities for secrets, like BlankTrack’s idea, which would not have been possible in Hearthstone.


I agree, especially in regards to BlankTracks variation of Scorched Earth, very neat idea for a card. Much better than what I came up with, I had this silly idea in my mind of a reverse infiltration theme for Lyonar, with turtling on your side of the board. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopefully they wouldn’t be like anything because they are usually just an infuriating game mechanic rather than it positively contributing to the game. Sure, there is some skilled involved when playing around them but what does that matter when more often than not it just ends up being about guessing and hoping you’re right. Meh. Seeing how the game is going at this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if we do get them.


Can you explain the ‘Secret’ thing? I know virtually nothing about Hearthstone. Is it just like the list suggest a different kind of minion ability?


Basically you play a spell that stay there secret to the enemy that triggers at a certain condition. Not so secret in the end cause realistically there will be like only 1 spell per class in the meta at best =) it’s some sort of attempt for hearthstone to become more interactive on the enemy turn… Sorta… I guess…

Anyway i don’t like it, for me it’s either you have phases like in mtg and you can play actively on enemy turn or you just play on your own turn, that kind of hybrid is gimmicky imho


Ah kinda like Illusionary Mask from Magic, with a special trigger to activate. Or is it not a minion? Always a spell?
The names suggest minions, but I don’t see any power/toughness.


They are always spells, that trigger an effect on your opponent’s turn when a condition met.


My immediate internal voice response to this thread title was: “hopefully non-existent”.

I really don’t like them. At all. New mechanisms would be great, but not this one. Being shafted by “surprises” after you play something you planned out is not fun. This to me sounds like it would take some of the worst aspects of current Songhai and give them to everyone.


Vetruvian Trap
Card name: Sudden Siphon
Cost: 1 mana
Card text: Dispel any minion summoned deliberately out of the Vetruvian general’s reach.

PS. I think I might have accidentally reprinted a card but I think this is what Vetruvians need right now. I dont know why but all my opponents in S-rank loves to summon their stuff behind the general. I guess it looks cool. Im tired of playing checkers where I have to chain my minions to use a shroud or walk there to dispel something with my own pair of legs on my general.

I feel like there a card that is missing. I’ve been playing this faction for as long as I can remember now and it feels very different without it, I just cant seem to remember what card it was.


I don’t know man, that card sounds kind of OP Kappa. :^)