What would a 7th faction look like in Duelyst?


Just curious to know what other people would like to see if a 7th faction is released in Duelyst. For example, what playstyles would it be focused on, what faction keywords would be introduced, and what their main faction identity/weaknesses could be. You can also go on to add other info such as percieved matchups against other generals, abilities of faction generals, and overall description/lore of the faction (although don’t feel pressured to make it line up exactly with the lore; this is just to give your opinion on what you think a 7th faction in Duelyst would look like). Feel free to be as detailed or general as you’d like :slight_smile:.

For me, I would want a faction that would have a really good matchup against aggro decks, with a focus around survivability. The faction minions would be more defensively stated and overall have weak stats (attack and health) compared to the other factions, and would have effects that benefit other minions and by having minions on board. Furthermore, there would also be a sub-focus on protecting allied minions, with cards to increase and benefit from having a higher health, protecting/diverting spells from allies (ex: a spell that makes it so only one minion can be targeted by spells until your next turn), and a spell that can increase your general’s total health (with that effect being dispellable). In terms of weakness, they wouldn’t have good access to hard, specifically single target removal, relying on damage and diversion tactics to prevent damage and effects on themselves and minions. They also would have a lack in in-faction burst damage, relying on high-costing and slower cards/win conditions to overall succeed as a faction

Faction Keywords

With in-faction keywords, the two main ideas that pop out to me would be Thorns and Toxic its almost like this is plant themed or something
Thorns: Deals extra damage when hit by an enemy up close. For example, Thorns (1) would deal 1 extra damage to a minion that attacked it. Note: Thorns does work when hit by Backstab, Frenzy, and normal attacks (even if it doesn’t counterattack through effects like Dampening Wave. Thorns does NOT work when hit by range or frenzy (at a distance) or by any spell/minion effect damage (such as Taygete’s effect, Bloodtear Alchemist, Phoenix Fire, etc.)
The purpose of thorns is to reinforce the theme of protecting your minions, with Thorns as a way to counter act those who attack your minions, such as Mankantor Warbeast for example.

Toxic: Enemies damaged by minions with Toxic become gain a stack of plague.
Plague: effects vary based on the number of plague stacks (max 3)
Stack 1: minion with plague gains -1/-1 at the start of owner’s turn
Stack 2: minion with plague gains -2/-2 at the start of owner’s turn
Stack 3: minion with plague gains -3/-3 at the start of owner’s turn and can only move 1 space at a time.
One stack of plague can be removed by healing a minion with the status. All stacks of plague can alternatively be removed by dispelling a target with plague.

Since the faction’s minions will be weaker and overall more defensive, I think exploring into weakening enemy minions could be a key component to the faction’s identity. The idea of Toxic and Plague can also lead into interesting synergy cards (such as a spell to destroy and enemy with Plague, to spread Plague, and/or a minion that gains stats as enemies with Plague looses them).

Generals and Faction design

For the generals, the best BBS idea that I’ve thought of that would benefit this theme would be Dampening Wave, or simply put it, a BBS that prevents an enemy minion from counterattacking that turn, in order to preserve your minions and have better board control.
For the faction design, imagine a bunch of plants crossed with different insect, arachnid, (insert other bug name here), different type of fish, and certain mythical animals (like one of the generals being mermaid-esque with roots instead of a fish tail/fish half).

Again, these are only my ideas on a 7th faction, feel free to share your own thoughts, ideas, and concepts ^^.

How Would you Design this 'Scholar Faction?'

The golem union shall rise up and destroy all the factions that mocked them as “just a pile of stats” and “bad”

like golem vanquisher, their specialty will be giving ALL friendly golems abilities.
they will have AOE protection spells/effects that work better than lyonars
the “union” key word where any minion sharing that keyword will distribute damage > 1 equally between them
and units with “union” can be summoned on top of each other, setting the stats of the existing one to the stats of the one being melded with it. (like mark of solitude or enfeeble), but doing so will exhaust the minion. this will give the more fragile units with good abilities more survivability.
They also get spells that can siphon strength from one golem into another one, even shifting effects like celerity, buffs, or even things like curse of agony or stuns to other minions.
the BBS could be something like "dispel a minion"
or maybe “this turn all golems may move an additional space”

the theme of this faction is "sharing"
that and having lyonar sized big minions with swarm synergy


It would be full of astral crusaders of varying costs.


This just came into my head: a faction that relies on magnetism ( I guess like the magnet warriors of
Yu-gi-oh in terms of design). Of course this is assuming there would be new cards for this new faction.

Spells would push minions away or draw them closer, and minions could combine to grow stronger if they are near each other. “Construct” could be the in-faction keyword that allows them to join together, so it wouldn’t work if dispelled. Kind of similar to Vanar in terms of positioning, but with a unique ability to combine themselves in order to play around different removal options that could make it an incredibly flexible faction.


I predict that the seventh faction would be the Aestari and serve as antagonists in a story mode. They would probably have access to all neutrals and select overpowered minions and spells with keywords and effects from all other factions.

As for a new playable faction, I predict a faction themed around the Mana trees, with a pink and turquoise colour theme, or an alien themed faction. Metallic colours have yet to be used in any of the existing factions.


The 7th faction should focus on using the board more.
Nuff’ said.

I really like what they did with Shadow Creeps, whoever first came up with this idea should have more ideas like this. Using the board by affecting tiles is something I’d love to see more in the game. Maybe stuff like tiles that are traps, tiles that heal, tiles that grant abilities, destroying a tile, you get my point.
Night Fiend is also a great design becauss he encourages strategic positioning.

Basically, make an improved version of Creep Abyssian.

I wouldn’t mind something completely different, but I want more interactions with the board.


I want a waifu faction, the entire faction is just various waifus.
We shall call it
Waif Emporium
with the tagline
Ruin your foes laifu with your plethora of waifus


is this supposed to be a spoiler? :smiley:


If you think it is, you think I have much more power/influence than I have :smiley:


15 characters


Maybe something like that, just my two cents.


i stand by the pirate faction

its pirates furreal bruh

Unique Mechanic: Bumrush

Massacring their way through rum and meat, the Longjib are at full strength when they are fresh from the feast. Units with Bumrush gain bonus effects as long as they are full health.


Captain Mastfeller

A greedy and violent old man who employs clever tactics and boundless brutality to get what he wants. Regardless, he too is incensed by the thrill of new sights and adventure. He commands one of the smaller warships in the Fleet, the Haggleshark, but don’t let its size fool you: Mastfeller has laid waste to many an army with that one tiny ship.

Bloodborn Spell: Deal 2 damage to a minion or 4 damage to a Structure.


Avian Ripper
1 Mana 3/1

“Polly want a cracker?”

Backalley Medic
1 Mana 1/2
Opening Gambit: Restore 4 health to a minion

“Hey, at least it gets the job done.”

Ragtag Gangster
2 Mana 1/3
Bumrush: Gains +2/0

“Give 'em a good knocking around and they’ll calm down right quick!”

Rousing Patron
2 Mana 2/1
Opening Gambit: Reactivate a nearby allied minion with Bumrush

“Is she looking? Okay, watch this!”

Perched Sniper
2 Mana 1/2
Ranged, Bumrush: Gains +2/0

“Sneaky little guttersnipes! Come down here and I’ll show you what for!”

3 Mana 1/6
Restore 2 health to nearby allied minions at the start of your turn

“Who’s up for another round?”

Dockyard Thug
3 Mana 1/7
Bumrush: Gains +2/0 and Provoke

“In our cities there’s crooks and scoundrels everywhere you look, ripe for the picking. You can waltz into any pub, pull out a gold piece and leave with fresh muscle.”

Boarding Assistant
3 Mana 3/1
Airdrop, Opening Gambit: Move an allied minion in front of this minion

Fishhook Merc
4 Mana 3/3

4 Mana 4/4
Frenzy, Bumrush: Gains Flying

“Blasted birds pick off twenty of me men each month, but the risk of catching 'em is worth the reward. Once you turn 'em loose on the enemy they’ll tear through armor like fresh parchment!”

Dead Weight
4 Mana 8/8
Bumrush: Gains -8/0 and cannot be counterattacked

“Sometimes all the motivation a man needs is a choice between life or death.”

5 Mana 5/5
Frenzy, Bumrush: Gains +3/0

“We recruit all kinds aboard the warships, only the best of the worst!”

Glass Cannon
5 Mana 7/4
Can only move 1 space per turn, Bumrush: Gains Ranged

“Yes, we’re aware it ain’t an optimal design for a cannon.”

Cloud Kraken
6 Mana 3/12
Frenzy, Flying

“How in the blazes does that damned beastie stay up there?”

First Mate Swabbins
7 Mana 4/8
Spawns a 0/3 Powder Keg in a random nearby space at the end of your turn

“Swabbins ain’t just got brawn, he’s got the clever thinkening as well.”


False Confidence
0 Mana
Give an allied minion Bumrush: +2/0.

0 Mana
Grant a friendly minion immunity to spells until the start of your next turn.

Into the Fray
1 Mana
Reactivate a friendly minion with Bumrush.

Walk the Plank
1 Mana
Destroy a friendly minion and restore another friendly minion to full health.

Reckless Charge
2 Mana
Give an allied minion +2/-2. It may move up to four spaces this turn.

Drink Up
2 Mana
Restore 2 health to all allied minions.

Bar Crawl
2 Mana
Draw 2 minions.

Dead Man’s Float
3 Mana
Choose a minion. When that minion dies, all surrounding minions are stunned until the end of your next turn.

Raise the Flag
3 Mana
All friendly minions gain +2/0.

Steel Hail
3 Mana
Deal 3 damage to all minions and generals in a 2x2 square.

Rabble Rouser
3 Mana
Summon 2 1/1 minions with Rush next to each other.

4 Mana
Reactivate a friendly damaged minion and give it Bumrush: +3/0.

Powder Keg
4 Mana
Summon 3 0/2 walls next to each other with Dying Wish: Deal 2 damage to all surrounding walls and enemy minions.

5 Mana
Take control of a damaged enemy minion.

Shock and Awe
5 Mana
Restore 2 health to each allied minion and deal 1 damage to the enemy General for every health restored.

5 Mana
Restore all allied minions to full health.

5 Mana
All minions gain Bumrush: +3/0.


Sky King Cutlass
1 Mana
Gain +2 attack for every allied minion on the field.

Commander’s Draft
2 Mana
All your minions cost 1 less mana.

Howling Parrot
5 Mana
The first minion you summon each turn gains Rush.


Certainly an interesting idea, try to develop it, in creatures, spells, effects and generals, use that idea as an example.


From the lore perspective, I am expecting something sick. People have theoritized that Eyos is evil and is actually a force sent to Mythron to prepare it for the coming of some sort of extraplanetary conquerors.

Since Eyos has infected the whole world with mana, I think the new faction will focus on mana interactions - they likely can manipulate the mana to control the infected population for their own purposes.

From a mechanical standpoint I see them focusing on mana denial effects, de-ramping the opponent, and in general playing the control game by using opponent’s spells and creatures against them. That’s what I imagine some cards might look like:

Harvester 4 mana 3/4 - Whenever this minion damages the enemy general, they lose that much mana for the next turn (their mana cores are locked and can’t be used).

Dissipate 7 mana - destroy an enemy minion, gain mana equal to it’s mana cost.

Mana Eater 4 mana 4/4 - Whenever this minion damages an enemy dispel them and gain +1/+1 per effect removed (card text counts as one effect).


Alright, I guess I could use some old concepts I made awhile back. <ay not be the best quality, some of these concepts date all the way back to November 4! (Based on @thefirstgokun and @RyanH format. Also really nice pirate ideas/concepts you guys, same goes for the other concpets/ideas that the rest of you guys shared :grin:.)

[details=The Verdenia Lands]


Vernal Tempora: Based on the vernal/spring equinox, it is a leading figure in the Verdenia Lands that aims for the growth of their faction and expanding their land. Very popular among the inhabitants of the Lands and overall a generous, active figure in the daily life of the Verdenia Lands through his help of taking care of young seedlings. Acts as a symbol of life in the faction.
BBS: Summon a seedling token on a nearby space.

Octus Tempora: Based on the autumnal/fall equinox, it is the older sibling of Vernal and acts as a lead commander in the Lands’ army. Aims to quell all who wish to undermine the Lands goals and is known to be a shrewd commander in action. Acts as a symbol of courage in the faction.
BBS: Target an enemy minion. That minion cannot counterattack until your next turn.

Token minions
0 mana 0/2 token
Cannot be attacked

___ Flower
3 mana 3/3 token
Has either Thorns, Toxic, Frenzy, or Provoke based on its name

Non-token minions
2 mana 2/3
Thorns (1)

3 mana 2/3
Opening Gambit: Summon a seedling near this minion

4 mana 3/3
Opening Gambit: Transform a nearby seedling into a Flower token

Tox Shroom
2 mana 2/2

Log Monk
4 mana 3/3
Gain +1/+1 every time a seedling is summoned

1 mana 0/1.
Cannot move. At the end of your turn, increase all plague stacks on minions with plague by 1 (max 3 stacks).

Nut Crawler
5 mana 4/7
Thorns (3)

Carnivorous Sage
6 mana 3/6
At the end of your turn, destroy a friendly nearby minion and gain attack equal to the minion’s health

Parasect Mafioso
5 mana 4/5
Toxic: Whenever a minion loses stats due to plague, gain those stats

Orchard Bishop
4 mana 3/5
Opening Gambit: restore a friendly minion to full health

Toxin Fungelo
3 mana 1/5
Toxic: at the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to all nearby enemies

Madame Madannia
5 mana 2/6
Whenever a friendly minion survives damage, give it +1/+1

6 mana 5/3
Opening Gambit: at the start of your turn, summon a copy of this minion nearby.

Dandy Dragon
7 mana 6/6
Whenever this minion destroys a minion, this gains health equal to the destroyed minion’s health at that time.

Lost Sister Persephone
4 mana 3/5
Whenever a seedling is summoned, transform it into a random Flower token.

Life Tap
2 mana
Deal 2 damage to a minion. Restore 4 health to your general.

Thorn Burst
4 mana
Deal 3 damage to ALL minions near your general.

5 mana
Summon 4 seedligns near your general

Transcent Bloom
3 mana
Transform up to 4 seedlings into random flower tokens.

6 mana
Destroy an enemy minion. Friendly units near gain +2 health.

1 mana
Increase your general’s health by 5 and exhaust it. Draw a card at the start of your next turn. Cannot be used if your general attacked or moved this turn.

Envoke Strength
3 mana
Sacrifice a friendly minion and give another friendly minion health based on the sacrificed minion’s health.

Thorn Traps
4 mana
ALL units in a 2x2 area take 1 damage and cannot move until your next turn.

2 mana
Give a minion +1/+1. At the start of your next turn, give that minion +2/+2

1 mana
Sacrifice a friendly minion. Draw 2 cards at the start of your next turn.

Alluring Fragrance
2 mana
Target friendly minion is the only minion that can be targeted by spells until the start of your next turn.

Reaching Vines
3 mana
Deal 2 damage to an enemy minion and pull it to a space near your general.

Toxin Seed
3 mana
Give a minion with plague “Whenever this minion takes damage, deal damage to ALL nearby units based on the current number of plague stacks”.

Stronger United
6 mana
Give all friendly units near your general “Does not take damage from minions” until the end of your turn. At the start of your next turn, exhaust those minions.

Infection Seed
4 mana
Inflict an enemy with plague. At the start of your turn, inflict all enemy minions near the initial target with plague

Envoke Life
3 mana
Target friendly unit gains +2 health for every minion on the field.

Nature’s Harmony
8 mana
ALL minions’ attack become equal to their health.
Life Seed
1 mana
Whenever you summon a minion from your action bar, summon a seedling near your general.

Thorns of Wrath
3 mana
Thorns (4)

Ivy Trident
4 mana
+2 attack. Minions with Plague move 1 less space at a time.[/details]


Now it looks like a faction that I would play, the synergy of the cards makes it very functional, the ability to flood the field with creatures and increase their strength is good, but they will be vulnerable to spells like tempest (seedlings) and plasma storm (only 4 cards suvive) and you could but a card with a grow-like effect because they are plants and a skill that activates when it takes damage to benefit more from the thorn burst spell.


Im not that good in lore so dont focus on that. But here what i came up with.

Faction is a guild of different exiled and is lead by two respected warriors. All the faction members do their bes to support each other in combat, but most of all they are gratefull to their generals, who gave them a second chance.

[details=The Guild]The faction functions with protecting each others back and close combat. So here are main keywords for this faction

Does something to the minion right in front of it.

For example Frontline: Deal 1 damage at the end of your turn.

So here are the generals.

Aiden The Bladerunner
BBS: teleport your general behind or in front of any friendly minion.
" This young tombraider was always a mystery for all of his companions, but his ability to appear anywhere in combat is nothing to underestimate. "

Soren The Protector
BBS: Deal 3 damage to a minion in front of your general.
" Once a gladiator he became the ruler of the arena. With those whom he convinced to follow he has slain arena’s owner and made this place his own domain. But after meeting Aiden he reconsidered his goals and now is one of the most respected members of the guild. "

[details=Minions]2 mana
Ancient Monument
Summon a 2/2 construct in front or behind (chosen randomly) of this minion.

2 mana
Teleport ANY minion in front of your general.

3 mana
Backline Tinkerer
Frontline: If a minion in front is friendly then give it +2 health.

4 mana
Frontline: Push a minion in front 1 tile back

5 mana 4/7
Arena Knight
Frontline: The enemy minion or general in front of this one is provoked by this one.

7 mana
Toerk the Tactisian
Your Frontline ability affects all 3 tiles in front fo your minions.

that means the tile in front, above and under the front one[/details]

[details=Artifacts]4 mana Artifact
Cursed Armour
When your general takes damage less then 3, ignore it. When your general takes damage of 3 or above, increase it by 1.

2 mana Artifact
Staff of Weakness
Your general gains Frontline: An enemy in front has -2 attack[/details][/details]

This idea is WIP so let me know your suggestions.


The seventh faction already exists. They call themselves “The Sworn”. They use your petty general’s life and spells for fuel. Their’s is to resist the second coming of the empire.

But for serious, a Sworn General and neutral spells that change mode when used by The Sworn general would be rather sweet.


I think you mean abyssian :wink:


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