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What will Decimus mean for the November 2016 meta?


Hey guys! I’m sure some of you have already started your climbs for the November 2016 season and I hope you’re excited for what’s to come!

Moving into this new season, I have become fixated on one card: Decimus. For those who don’t know, Decimus is the legendary card added this season. It is a 4/4 for 4 mana which deals 2 damage to the opposing general every time they draw a card.

I’m curious about how you guys think this card will influence the current Duelyst meta game. I know it’s too soon to know for sure what this card will do, but I just thought we could have some fun discussing the possibilities! Let your imaginations run wild!


Venom Toth meta


Abyssian better beware: rite of the undervault could equal 12 damage!


Aggro decks will become even better with it. Spelljammer is a staple in them anyway and why only draw an extra card when you can also do 2 damage in the process. Also playing decimus themselves kinda counters opponents who want to stop jammers with their own decimus because even if a control deck has a decimus, an aggro deck will still be able to race it if they have one themselves. Personally i am curious if he will find his way into fast reva lists, I kinda expect him to. Yes they have trouble fitting him in but the pay off for them is huge. A 4/4 that does 2+ damage every turn without even using another card is strong enough and the fact that decimus has to be played defensively to get maximum value isn’t even a drawback for them as they play pretty much everything defensively and decimus is as good as any other minion for the MDS/Juxta/KE burst combo when the time is right.


I was actually thinking about this, because of what you said: they run jammers anyway. Yet i think it isnt THAT threatening: the only card in reva’s deck that is “allowed” to be sitting in the corner is four winds magi because of the overall value they provide and they never go for trades or face damage because you dont want to risk them. Same happens with decimus, and the amount of damage isnt bigger than the provided by other agressive cards, so im not sure about him fitting in that specific deck. Also because cards in there have a very powerful sinergy and every card introduced that doesnt follow the idea will just make the deck weaker.

Yet i see it being played in other aggro decks that run spelljammer, like face faie. And the sinergy with starhorn is great, i love the fact he got a good new toy.

Decimus is really interesting really and yet not broken at all.


If Decimus ends up being used, Sojourner will have a much harder time than spelljammer actually:
Spelljammer has a full turn to get rid of an opposing Decimus, while sojourner could cost its owner a lot of health before he can react.

  • spelljammer synergizes well with Decimus indeed.

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