What were the first two legendaries you have ever unpacked?


I’m curious to see how lucky you guys were when you got your first legendaries.

My first two were rook and astral crusader…
Thats when I knew i had bad luck


My very first was rook, but the second was the old good guy vindicator. I got crushed when he got nerfed :C


Keeper of the Vale for me and then Khymera I think.


Prismatic Ecplise was my first, I think my second was Ancient Grove.


Khymera and Astral Crusador. My icon sums up my feeling towards these two cards.

I remember unpacking Crusador and thought “this card looks cool. I’m just gonna put it in all my decks”, then never ever draw him once.


Khymera doesn’t seem too bad compared to rook and astral crusader tbh


That’s true. At least Khy is somewhat usable by Lyonar or ramp Magmar.
But if Khymera would spawn me tokens other than Panddo that would be great.


I’ve seen this sentiment before; what was Vindicator previously?

As for the topic: Vorpal Reaver and Decimate. Decimate saved me quite a few times, most notably from the second game I ever saw Mechazor. Reaver though, not so much.


I think Vindicator used to give friendly minions summoned around him charge


That is absolutely BRUTAL


If i recall correctly arclyte regalia and khymaera. Regalia is still there taking dust wauring for its chance as i never was onto lyonar :<


Holy hell…I can’t remember. I’ve opened too many packs. Probably something Abyssian.


go super budget with commons, rares, immos, DB and a second regalia
it will be fun


Scion’s Third Wish when it was give any minion +3/3 and Blast, had a ton of fun with that. I don’t remember the second really well but I think it was Aymara Healer?


My first were Nimbus and Hydra.


Eight Gates and Jax True Sight man I don’t know why orb loves giving me Songhai cards today I got a tusk boar


my was heaven eclipse and black locust!


I got two red synji. And the power of my tempo lyonar from then on was… legendary


First one was Zurael, not sure about the second one


Oh hey, I finally have a reason to post. I got a Vorpal Reaver and a Red Synja. Promptly dusted the Synja to have just enough dust to craft a Zurael.