What types of music do yo listen to while playing duelyst?


I’m not that good of a player. In fact I’ve only hut gold the previous month. Anyways, my point is if I’m not playing as good as I ought to then I might as well get my a** handed to me while listening to some epic freaking music. So, I gotta know, what kind of music do you listen to when playing? Do you like to keep it classic with the in game music or do you mix it up with something from outside? Feel free to put your opinions down below (it’s not like anyone’s judging you or anything right? right?)

Do you have a dooly playlist?
We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

Johannes Bornlof (I think that’s how it’s spelled, or smth like that)
Templar is one of the tracks, amazing medieval instrumental and just hypes you up and calms you down. Weird.
The other tracks are good too.
And you can’t have fun w/o Meme Circus, 2 guud


I listen to absolutely everything from electronic to grindcore to jazz. I haven’t kept the Last.fm scrobbler on for about half a year now, but this sums it up quite nicely for me: http://www.last.fm/user/T2k5/library/artists


The crickets in the bushes are my music
also my fan


Classical Music, bc its really fucking epic sometimes, Rammstein and stuff like that, and the Age of empires 3 soundtrack, because its the best game ever lol.


A lot of chill step.


A lot of Electro Swing or Nightcore, Happy hardcore etc. On the flipside I’ll listen to top forty radio stuff, or alternative rock stations.


While playing the game, I just listen to music which I usually listen to, that usually being rap or some weeaboo stuff. Even though more often than not I actually prefer not to listen to anything because it disconcentrates me.


Typically alt-rock/alt-metal. Bands like Chevelle, Nothing More, and 10 Years. I listen to many things in the genre that are outside of these bands, but those give you the idea. I also listen to a little metalcore, prof metal, and post-hardcore, but I’m pickier with those genres.


Always cancer music ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Darude - Sandstorm much?


This is what I meant in my post.


The Killers/Imagine dragons mostly. Also the Seinfield theme.


game music. so much better than Hearthstone.


I guess you love TripleQ and Botanical Sage?

In my case,if i am trying to go up the ladder,i put the 30min Bandit Radio video on,then let all the guitar songs from Stalker series and Metro series. If all these fail,then electronic mostly.

The 80GB Touhou music i have really help.


Electro Swing, mostly. I open Pandora in the background and play several stations, so it’s from a variety of genres, but mostly it’s swing and…alternative rock?


Sometime I listen to the game music which is btw very good.

But sometime I am bored of it , so I listen to what I usually do :

Rock : Queen, Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, Covet…

Progressive Rock: Pink floyd, Genesis …

Progressive metal: Dream Theater, Tool, Intervals…

Metal: Metallica, Judeas Priest, Iron Maiden, Children of Bodom, Trivium, System of a Down, Bullet for my valentine, Pantera…

Reggea and similar stuff: Gramatik, Alborosie, Groundation, Fantam Mojah, Jah Cure, Damian Marley…


Not really, there’s few good mashups but it usually just sounds awful.


As mentioned above

I do play like 40% of the times only with the game music on,but loud. It gets intense that way and i get immersed easier.


I usually put my ipod on shuffle. Musically, that runs anywhere from cheesy anime soundtracks to death metal. 30% of the time I just play in silence, occasionally cursing my opponent’s luck. :dizzy_face: