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What Trigger oak?


_ Iread the threads about oak in the nemeton and im not shore if theyre wrong or if i missplayed somehow. It reads “have five token minions with diferent names” and a just played a game in wich i had played mini jaxi, bonechill barrier, gravity well, circulus isulion, endelss hunt, luminous charge, thikaugur and transformed 2 minions of mine into ursaplomp and ravager… i count 9 tokens and oak was not allowed to enter game because i have not fulfilled the trial. Does ravager and ursaplomp counts? Its not the 3/3 wolf from endless hunt a token? The tokens must come from the action bar rather than be transformed? Do they need to be simoutaneusly 5 on the board? Is this a bug?

Bug with Oak in the Nemeton?
  • You need to have 5 token at the same time on board.
  • tokens can be summoned an transformed it doesn’y matter, as long as you have 5 on board.
  • usra and ravager are tokens so is night howler (which is also awesome)
  • this trail is a BITCH! Even with frostiva now joining in.

I played around a lot to figure out what did and didn’t count but later found out it’s simple… any creature that is not able to be collected as a creature card is a token. They all have to be in play at the same time.

Personally I think it should be like the others… maybe raise it to 6… So as long as you have played 6 unique tokens… That’s still a pain to pull off but at least manageable. Compared to “just have different cards” or the Abyssian one. Lyonar’s is super easy by comparison and with the tools in Vetruvian that one is a piece of cake. Haven’t tried Songhai yet but Magmar went from being too easy to proc to almost impossible… but still easier than Nemeton.


I mean… I’m not an excellent player, so maybe it’s partly just me, but I love Vanar and I’ve tried so hard to find a way to make Nemeton playable and have failed completely so far.

I feel the single biggest issue with its trial compared to the Lyonar, Abyssian and even Magmar versions can be summed up as this:
All of those trials involve taking actions which are continuously developing the board and potentially moving you towards victory (summoning minions, casting useful spells and buffing existing minions). As such, even if you never get the Mythron on the board, you can still theoretically win from the various actions you’ve taken along the way.

With Oak, the fact that you have to have all the token minions at the same time utterly destroys this. It means you’re forced to make self-destructive decisions, most often “spend your turn summoning a lot of minions you can’t use, because their only possible use on the board is trading/sacrificing them and you have to instead protect them and keep them alive”.

On top of that, it’s the only trial the other player can actively destroy your progress on. You’ve managed to spend 2+ turns summoning and protecting tokens and get 4 types on the board at once? Oops! Your opponent plays an AoE and now you only have one. Time to start over! (as if)

Compare that to any of the others, where once you’ve taken the action it’s done forever. The opponent knows exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, and with Oak it’s trivially easy for them to prevent you from doing it.

The trial is so oppressively difficult you can really only pull it off in a deck designed to do nothing but mass-produce tokens, but that deck is so awful on its own that you have no alternative win condition to fall back on if the Mythron can’t get on the board. Which it usually can’t.
And if you build a proper deck, your chance of Oak hitting the board goes from slim to nil, so why are you wasting a hand slot on it?

Bah. If I’m wrong, I’d be happy to hear it. I really like the Mythrons and just desperately wanted a Vanar one that worked.

The state of Vanar & An overview of recent Vanar history

No it’s not just you, this is nemetown:


I agree with you, this trial is hard to complete. However, I personally believe that unlike the other Mythron cards you should not try to play Oak of the Nemeton as fast as possible! I know it sounds weird but hear me out. Building a board requieres a lot of mana, cards, strategy and patience. You can not expect to play 4 minions on board and expect all of them to survive to complete the trial next turn. The goal is to lure your opponent into making mistakes like clearing the board sooner than he should, effectivley making him lose (waste) removal. Furthermore, another big advantage you have over most decks is card efficiency. What do I mean by that? Basically, since you want to summon tokens most cards that allow you to do so are cheap and generate a lot of value. Take for example Endless Hunt. Seems like a bad card right? Wrong! It is a 4 mana card summon a 3/3 and “draw a card” because you can cast it again. This might not sound like much but when you are trying to outlast your opponent and make him waste resources it really helps. Also, Thicket Augur gives you immense value especially when combined with Kara’s BBs much like Circulus. Lastly, lets not forget walls. Their true objective is not to deal damage but instead slow your opponent. It is better to have a seemingly unthreatening 0 attack wall than one that can attack! Your enemy will be discouraged to attack into it since in his mind “its a 0 attack minion, what do I get by killing it…” he gains nothing. Yet this is where you get him! Over time you will start to build a solid board pressence without your opponent noticing. A minion there, a token here, 2-3 walls near the corner and than… BAAM! You throw your entire hand and complete the trial. Two choices are left to the other player. Either he finishes you the next turn or he tries to clear most if not the entire board. The second option is the worst… for him. You see Oak may be 6 mana but by the time you complete the quest you are already at 8 or 9 mana. This allows you to play a huge number of tokens along side it like Gravity Well which now summons 4 4/5 with provoke! The real issue with Oak of the Nemeton decks is not if the tial can be accomplished or how fast you achieve that but instead if you can survive until then. Which sadly is nearly impossible. :disappointed: The only way to protect your general, other than healing, is with concealing shroud which gives you just 1 more turn. That’s why there must always be a secondary win condition. In this case its swarming your opponent while trying to reduce unecessary sacrifices and hoping you get to play Oak. Its a difficult balance.

Here is the deck I am using:

The best tip I can give you is to try and surprise your enemy. If you are playing a similar deck, trust me, you already have surprised him. :wink:

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Embla and Kron give you a lot more breathing room with this trial. Other than that, you can try to fit in good sentinels and build minions, since their pre-transformed states count as tokens.

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