What should I do?


So, I am a quite new player who enjoys playing magmar and abyssian. I wanted to upgrade my Magmar collection and stumbled upon Ancient bonds. So before I save up for that, I have a question: What are the most important cards for Magmar from core set?(I have 3 Makantors already)


Sunsteel Defender, Flash Reincarnation, Earth Sphere i think that’s it. Other staples are basic cards or come from expansions.


Young silithar, Gro and Rex. The later two are useless until thunderhorn falls out of favour.


Decimus + Tectonic Spikes :wink:


elucidator can be pretty good and kujata can be pretty fun


Young Silithar, Flash Reincarnation and 2x Earth Sphere you should absolutely find. After that, depends. If you’re doing Ancient Bonds you’ll want Golem Metallurgist, if you’re going rush aggro you’ll want Elucidator, if you’re playing Starhorn you’ll want Decimus.

All cards above are solid to craft EXCEPT the battle pets, absolutely don’t craft those. Gro was only good before the latest xpack and Rex has never been good


Rex was quite good in aggro starhorn lists that wanted to get on board early… Just never with thunderhorn.


In terms of craftables, makantor’s really the only Magmar exclusive epic you’d want. Everything else is either rare or cheaper, or is meme/niche deck only


Magmar is really cheap and that is great. So you can soon concentrate on getting the Ancient Bond orbs :slight_smile:


Bought my first Ancient Bonds orb. Now to get a Lavalasher.


Gratulations, Juggernaut is a slow card but is really fun :slight_smile:

Best to play it with Flash Reincarnation or Kujata on board.


I know. He solo-handely careied me to 7 wins in Gauntlet.


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