What should I craft with Kron's dust?


So I have a few extra copies of Kron now, and 1800 dust, so what do you guys think I should craft? Lyonar is my favorite faction, and I recently opened up a Regalia, so I’m thinking of crafting two more, or 1 more and a Solarius, or a Grandmaster Z’ir, what do you guys think?


craft anything you want. kron has became worthless. use it for a skin. that way it can be your middle finger to duelyst. i’m happy that this forum didnt exist when they nerfed third wish. i would have been banned from this forum. lol. i’m talking about when they nerfed it to high hell for the second time.


Well that’s the intention. I am going to craft anything I want, with the opinion of the great people on these forums. :stuck_out_tongue: I already decided to spend 900 of my dust on another copy of Arclyte Regalia so now I’m just wondering what to do with the other 900. Another Regalia? Solarius? Grandmaster Z’ir? Save it for some future epics or legendaries?


Grandmaster Zir isnt that good. I have 1X and he is fun, but you really can’t rely on him at all. Most of the time after you play him he just gets silenced and you die anyway. The only time he is good is against aggro decks that leave you at less than 4 HP and you can kill yourself by trading the same turn you drop him. Even then you are usually just stalling for 1 or 2 turns and they will likely beat you anyway.

Regalia is super strong. I think 2 or 3 should be in almost every deck.

If you don’t have at least 1 or 2 Holy Immolation you could consider that as well.

Solarius is good, but only in if you are even or ahead on board. If you play him, you are taking up usually your entire turn, and all you have to show for it is a 3/3. If the game is dragging on and your life total is somewhat healthy he can be a huge card advantage. I was lucky enough to open 2X when the expansion first dropped, and I usually include 2 or 3 in most of my decks. If you place him defensively behind him, you force them to use ranged removal/rush to clear him. He draws you 2 additional cards, so he will usually trade 3 for 1 in terms of card advantage. Usually about -3 or -4 in mana.


you might want to save it up. we dont know what the end of this month is going to be like. someone was telling me that the end of december of january we will be getting another set.


Thanks so much for the advice! :slight_smile: my Lyonar collection is pretty robust, the only things I dont have 3 copies of are some of the more lackluster epics like Fighting Spirit and Aerial Rift, and almost all the legendaries with the exception of the Sun Sister and a couple copies of Regalia now that I crafted another. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not many people use it, but I like spellshield as Lyonar (I am only a diamond player, though).
It is useless in some matchups as it only protects from targeted spells, but it is awesome against some factions (Abyssian, Vetruvian, Magmar).


If you want a legendary as universally playable as Kron, try Spelljammer. Yes, she isn’t as exciting as Kron, but her ability is useful in all aggro decks (read as: all decks).

As for Lyonar cards, Solarius is great in decks that want to utilize Lynoar’s abundance of exceptional early drops. Z’ir is decent, but weak to removal and generally more of a fun card. Arclyte regalia is one of my favorite cards in the game (It’s an artifact that protects you!) and would definitely be a good choice. Elyx Stormblade is also an option. She is pretty underrated, considering her ability can catch the opponent off guard and smother them quickly.


I would consider spelljammers if I didnt already have 3 of them. :stuck_out_tongue: Elyx does seem like fun, a 6 mana 7/7 with provoke, and lets your stuff move an additional space. Definitely thinking about her! Thanks for your input! :slight_smile:


Grandmaster Zendo, obviously, or maybe Heaven’s Eclipse, Mana Vortex, Battle Panddo, Lantern Fox, Juxtaposition, Onyx Bear Seal, Crescent Spear, well, you know, it really depends on which Songhai cards you are missing.


Kappa. I don’t play Scumhai. KappaPride


Mohrin’khur and chrysalis burst wombo combo

Or craft 3x purgatos and use it with diretide frenzy

It is time for memes