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What should I craft next?


I have 5K spirit and too many things I want. Help me spend my spoils with one simple vote. Thanks in advance! :sirpenti:

  • Embla & Gravity Well
  • Embla & Winter’s Wake
  • Winter’s Wake & Ice Age
  • Ka & Fault
  • Ka & Swarmking
  • Swarmking & Aymara
  • Swarmking & Paradigm
  • Decimus & Haruspex

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Ka and fault if you wanna be competitive and you like vet. otherwise i would go with Embla and gravity well, they are both very good cards.


Depends on the faction. Gravity Well is my most used card in Vanar, very useful in numerous situations, powerful at any stage of the game. Embla - not so much, but I usually top my curve with Conjurer. I play weird Vanar decks.

Ka and fault seem cancerous enough though, it will definitely be a good investment.


May I suggest Ice Age and Mnemovore, which leaves only 1 turn for them to remove it before a win is secured?
Got me to an easy Diamond since no one knows of it.


Whip up sets of decimuses and haruspexes. Unleash the wrath of Starhorn.


Depends what faction(s) you like to play most. Based on starting with Vanar, I’d assume you prefer them. I don’t know enough of these newer cards to voice a knowledgeable opinion. My biggest concern for players looking to enchant cards is buyer’s remorse, which I’d say you might regret Aymara simply due to the more fun card alternatives the spirit could be going towards.


My heart :broken_heart: :fries: :grimacing: :wind_face:

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