What part of the Lore would make for a great Solo Adventure?


With Duelyst planning to release some Single Player content soon, I was wondering what you guys thought would make for fun or interesting adventures. i personally want to fight the Inxukrai, which I imagine would steal keywords after killing an enemy or something cool like that.


Starhorn’s battle against the senerai to prove he was the Seventh star. I think that’d be a cool series of PvE challenges.


Ixikrah. IN-XI-KRAH. Ahem. Sorry for this.

On topic. I think the upcoming Vetruvian wars would make great chapters.
Songweaver Eurielle and the Senerai’s quest.
Rasha’s expedition to Akram.
But that’s if they want to make us explore the PAST of Duelyst. If it’s the “present”, there’s the battle of God’s Heel mentionned in Argeon’s lore. How he found Zir’an in Akram.
We don’t know much about Duelyst’s “present”.


It is true, so I wanted to ask about what we do now. I kind of what to see what Vaath gets up to.


The Codex says that Vaath was busy taming creatures in Magaari, building his citadel and rallying all sentient beings in Magaari under his banner. God knows why.
Right now, we only know he’s participating in the contest to gain control of the Monolith.
But I wouldn’t be against to see more Vaath action either. In fact I’d love to see more of Magmar in general.


It is an admirable goal. Maybe he is the son of Makantor Jesus.


Nah, he tamed the Makantors himself :stuck_out_tongue:


This reminds me of a meme I saw:

I am Vaath, and this is my ramp deck. I run it with my old man, Makantor, and my sister, Taygete. Everything in here has a cost, and I reduce it. And if there is something I’ve learnt, it is that you bever know what will come out of Khymera


I love it XD I might make an image out of it



ill make a meme about this one later at my home dude, so funny XD