What mechanics would you like to see?


Some I like…

Knockback on attack that prevents melee counter attacks.
This could create more interesting positioning and serve as a mechanical minion counter to provoke, opposed to current one offs like teleport, dispell, or removal.
(creatures would not be knocked back if space is occupied behind them)

Poison on hit that deals 1 damage per turn, per stack. Healing would remove.
Most decks have at least some general healing, but I think it would be interesting to have some early game minions that can trade in the long term or potentially do a lot of damage to the general.


Nerf a card upon hit.
For ex. - once you go face on vaath nerf him into 1/1 slug


Trap cards and/or stealth. It would require the cursor to be hidden while playing them, but I think both mechanics could add a lot of depth and strategy to matches


i think for stealth mechanic, enemies can still click on the tiles occupied by stealth units but would stop movement once adjacent to them then get their attack deflected if applicable and reveal the stealth units permanently

i also recall a phasing idea suggested before, wherein a unit can move through enemy units, Vaath would so love this


Man, i’ll quit the day it hits


Here are some ideas i have:

  1. New keyword dash can move right away but has to wait a turn to attack.
  2. New keyword accurate can hit enemies that are 2 spaces horizontally and diagonally away from it but has to melee enemies that are nearby.
  3. New keyword jump horizontally and diagonally can only move 2 spaces.
  4. New keyword drag can only move one space per turn.
  5. New keyword swipe cannot attack enemies that are above it or below it but enemies in diagonal tiles to the right or left, and in front of it or behind it, (depending on which side it is attacking) will all take damage.
  6. New keyword honorable takes half damage when attacking enemies from the front.
  7. New keyword nimble can move up to 3 spaces horizontally and 2 diagonally.
  8. New keyword dodge the first time this minions takes damage it ignores it.
  9. New card: Class: Songhai, Cost: 0, Type: Spell, Text: deal 1 damage to an enemy and 0 damage to all enemies near it.
  10. New card: Class: Songhai, Cost: 1, Type: spell, Text: give a friendly minion or general dodge. ( I don’t know if this is balanced because i have not played with it, could be too good, specially in combination with something like lavalasher)
  11. New keyword executioner takes no damage if it kills the enemy.


I remember mentioning this in a topic some time ago about the same thing. I still just want to see more effects that only online CCGs can take advantage of.

I want to shuffle negative or bad cards into my opponent’s deck.
I want to transform cards in my or my opponent’s deck.
I want to put cards directly into my opponent’s hand.

Things like Sphynx and Q’ican’tpronouncethiscar’d are steps in the right direction. :slight_smile:


More mobile development

I wanna be able to pllay duelyst while pretending to be “sociable” (be in the same room as people without staring at a computer)


Might be similar some mention before

Camouflage- Minion can’t be target by enemy spells and minions until it moves or attacks
Phasing- Can move through enemy units
Close range- Unit can attack from one space further(2 tiles away)
Short flight- Unit can only fly 3 spaces
Storm(:grin): - can attack minion right away but can’t attack general
Rook- Can move the whole length of row
Bishop-Can move extra spaces diagonally
Knight-Can attack two squares away horizontally and one square vertically, or two squares vertically and one square horizontally.

Behemoth-Minion takes up multiple spaces(basically walls that act as one unit.)
Swap- Unit swaps abilities or stats
Shield-This unit takes damage instead of general or unit if it is nearby

Unique- common factor between unit allows action to happen to multiple unit aka

-Unique 3 attack minion prevents 3 attack minions from being played
-Unique destroy minion hits one wrathling destroy all Wraithlings all on the board

Armor-unit or general gains extra defense stat
Curse-unit or general takes extra damage from attacks


Yes. This is a good thing.


oh my, that would be fantastic, a full chess expansion, maybe instead of a keyword, just make it a minion, i would SO play the hell out of that


Choose an enemy minion. It attacks itself, triggering its damage-causing card text effects on its allies (for example all allies near the minion with Frenzy would also be attacked)

Not sure how that should be worded, but the idea is that it punishes thoughtless frenzy/Thunderhorn positioning and steals effects from minions like Taygete, Rev and Luminous Charge.


How about we have something like a “Queen” that takes the abilities of all chess pieces on the board at the time, and if it gets rook and bishop it gains +3/+3


We already have Rook, REWORK PLZ


Cloak - when the minion moves it becomes invisible to the enemy, if the enemy moves into or end the turn next to it, it decloaks and attacks the nerest minion. Minion cant be targeted by ANY spells, when it takes damage from any source it loses the effect.

Some sort of trap tiles that work on a similar way.

Decoy - basically creates 2 copy of the minion nearby, the decoy dose not do damage and will never counteratack. Dispelling the decoy just removes it. Would be interesting to see some support cards with it like you could change them into completely different minions.

Union - minions with union nearby gain buffs corresponding to what they give, think ZEAL.

Flank - when a minion attack from above or below gains the effect.

Formation - when when there are ANY minions next to the minion with the keyword in a specific way, the leader or group get the effect depending on the keyword.

Riposte - when the minion counterattacks the effect happens.

Mortar - minion can only attack OR move, never both, deals ranged damage in a 2x2 area.

Incorporeal - can move thru enemy minions.

Lancer - can attack 3 spaces in a + direction but only in those direction, can not counterattack if enemy is not in those zones. hits all enemies but damage gets halved for every enemy.

Morph - when the minion kills a enemy it changes form, stats and effects.

Equip - give a minion a NONDISPELABLE effect. losses the effect after it takes a certen damage or number of hits like ARTIFACTS.

Mindwarp - force actions of a enemy ON his turn. Like the minion moves towards you and attacks, triggers like a battle pet. you can also just move it away clearing a path for you.

Ugh made my head hurt from writing this. This i my first post btw so go as hard as you want. I got more things like this, even working on some weird generals on the moment, lore, looks and BBS. Tell me if you would like to hear it.


Isn’t Mindwarp Psychic Conduit?
I’m so in for Flanking and Banding.


I would like to hear those ideas that you have. I love theory crafting cards.


Chess expansion sounds cool.


Vet uses Pawn defense (aka Cataclysmic Fault)


It technically has its own rook as well (blast+flying)