What make a good card in duelyst?


what make a good card in duelyst ?
problem facing new and non-expert players
this tutorial guide help to understand this and build a better deck i hope you guys like it tell me what do you think do you agree with me or think i miss something


Do I agree with what? I don’t see your thoughts here. And considering how majority of people come to forums to read and discuss topic in text form, it’s probably a good idea to voice your opinions here rather than just linking a video. I know you want views and all but come on :robot:


This forum seems to be filling with assholes lately, don’t pay them too much mind. If you enjoy making videos then keep doing so. One thing I would recommend is to write out a script or even just a basic outline before you start recording. It would take a little bit more time to finish your videos but your videos would be a bit more clear.

You have good points in your videos. I consider myself an intemediate to advanced player and I pick up a few things every once in a while. Your videos are good, but they are a bit long with a lot of pauses and I feel as though most viewers don’t watch till the end. Having a bit more organization might help this problem.

Best of luck in the future with your upcoming videos.


Don’t get fooled, some are here since day 1.


True haha. I just hope it doesn’t keep getting worse.


I appreciate your effort in this video. Most of the points you made are correct, but it may be better if you focus your analysis, such as evaluating card effects in certain factions or deck archetypes, so as to avoid over-generalizing stuff or to reduce potential vagueness.

I like using texts instead of speech as a means of communication because it eliminates the problem of my accent. Speaking in front of a camera is also deceptively difficult - it felt like I’m talking in front of a huge crowd and then I’d get stressed out.
If you feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, not confident with your spoken English, or just find it difficult to read along your script smoothly, expressing yourself in text form would be a good alternative of making a video.

I know that there will be (and already has been) some harsh and blunt comments, but don’t be discouraged as you’ve tried your best. Keep up your good work!


How is it being an asshole? Since when is lazily posting on forums purely for the sake of advertising fine? I literally just reworded what a mod said in one of the similar threads where a video was posted with the only context being what’s already obvious from the title and no elaboration of any kind on the actual topic. I don’t think I’m asking too much when I’m asking for a little bit of substance so I can reply in a proper manner without being forced to watch a video :head_bandage:


thanks for the feedback i will take note about this i know i have problem with organizing the video content which result in me stopping a lot i will work on that
thanks again really helpful comment


thanks for the comment i started general because i am aiming for new player and i know they had lower number of cards so i avoid focus my analysis in this video so new player can use this general rules but i will focus my analysis in later videos since now new player know this general rules and i do not have good camera that why i am not showing myself the resolution will be bad


dude one of the forum admins @Okojo said it is ok if the video are clearly guide for the community

link to the post

i understand that it may not provide new information for you but it seem it is helping new players and i am getting a lot of positive feedback from them

thanks for trying to keep the forum clear from unhealthy post (but that why i only share duelyst community guide not my other video ^_^)

note: i will include in later post little bit of substance so I can reply in a proper manner without being forced to watch a video


No you don’t, please re-read my replies. I have no issue with the content of the video.


There. In case you were still wondering why some people have certain reservations towards certain other people who show a certain type of behaviour on this forum.

To the OP: good job. Keep it up.


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